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Avatar-Inspired Tabletop-RPG - On-going games or Projects?

Has any of you managed to DM or play such a campaign? I've recently re-watched the cartoon and it kind of rekindled my love for the setting (being a kung fu practitioner as well doesn't help). So I've been kinda hankering to play in a Avatar-like setting. I've done some research and found some promising things. I've seen D&D 5e inspired ones (albeit not very wholesome); a decent 3.5 one ( I've also seen The Legend of Elements, which sounds very intriguing. Wondering if any of you have used it and what your opinion on it would be. Depending on how popular of an idea this is, I was considering playing or even DMing it myself. But I need some feedback and ideas. I've previously done some systems from scratch back in the day, and even though that's a lot of work (and sometimes doesn't end up being very good) I'd be more than happy to colab with someone in order to crank something up.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Hi, G.Frost! The Suggestions Forum is really for making suggestions from users to Roll20 developers; it uses a voting system to indicate your support for specific features and improvements you'd like to see implemented. As such, it's not a great place to try and find players or GMs. For that, we have the Looking for Group forum as well as the LFG directory . Since this isn't a suggestion, I'm going to close it to refund your vote.