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How to turn 1s into 2s when rolling damage dice?

One of the feats in my 5e game let's me turn 1s into 2s whenever rolling the appropriate damage, but I can't figure out how to do this in the character sheet. The feat is Elemental Adept so I need to figure out how to do this for multiple dice types, specifically d6s, d8s and d10s currently.
//roll  [[ {[[1d6]], 2}kh1 ]]

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I have this for the damage rolls on my great weapon fighter: 1d10ro<2 Just replace the d10 above with the dice types you need.
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Clinton's method is more in keeping with the Elemental Adept feat, which turns ones into twos, as opposed to Kyle's method, which simply re-rolls ones and keeps the second roll regardless. Kyle's method is indeed proper for Great Weapon Fighting.
Ah, I missed the EA bit. Thanks Keith!

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Scott C.
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and, keep in mind that to do this, you'll need to do Clinton's expression for each die of the damage, so 3d6 would be: [[{1d6,2}kh1+{1d6,2}kh1+{1d6,2}kh1]]
Do I need type these in properly or can I enter this in the quick roll where i have the attacks listed?
Also Clinton's expression does not work, I get this message when i try it;  Cannot mix sum and M rolls in a roll group
Try this. It will make the 2 a die roll, thus fixing the mixing issue {1d6, 2+0d0}kh1
That worked, thanks.
The formula didn't work when I added it to fire bolt damage in the OGL sheet. [[{1d10, 2+0d0}kh1+{1d10, 2+0d0}kh1]]
Your's has more brackets than what I used, maybe that is why? {1d10, 2+0d0}kh1 + {1d10, 2+0d0}kh1
Scott C.
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also, note you could clean it up a little more by not using 0d0: {1d10, 2d1}kh1 + {1d10, 2d1}kh1
Scott, Thanks.  My elemental adept works great now!