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[LFP 5E] Player driven, Long Lasting, Homebrew Campaign.


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Adventure into a long-lasting expansive open world campaign, within a vast homebrewed world and player freedom. The campaign is what the party makes of it, roleplay, character progression, and the making of legendary tales take the forefront.  This is a weekly Sunday game that takes place at 3pm EST (20:00 GMT) using discord voice chat, this campaign is a continuation of a pre-existing group, but due to recent dropouts, we are looking for fresh blood. The group is filled with kind, accepting, and friendly people that love D&D.  The first session on this campaign is  on December 16 Application: Name and age :  Experience with DnD and other RPG's (Non-needed): Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : Favorite moment in any RPG and why : Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them : What makes  a good campaign, and GM : I will be holding interviews in discord for applicants.  Additional information: We will be starting at level 3 and using milestone leveling.
My application to you: Due to the low number of GMs and the high number of players in 5E this has allowed some GM's to pick and choose players while never making it clear why they should be GMing your game in the first place. So to contradict such here is my 'application' to you. Hello, I am Reddy, I have been DMing since high school, I have over 1000 hours worth of DMing practice on roll20 allow. I have run long lasting campaigns, one-shots, and West-marches for years. I enjoy making hard combats but rewarding stories, I like watching my players characters develop and roleplay but I never force it. I am a very active DM, if you are being quiet I will actively call on you and ask what your character is doing and feeling. When DMing I look to make sure the entire party is participating and having fun, and I look forward to meeting my new players.
Name and age : Gage 17 Experience with DnD and other RPG's  (Non-needed): I have played a 3-4 month long 5e game and a couple of sessions of Lone Wolf too Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise :the freedom of choice Favorite moment in any RPG and why : cant think of anything Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them :I have a couple of character ideas but would like to see what the others are playing  What makes  a good campaign, and GM : I have only had experience with one gm so I dont know, though i like more combat focused game play.            I dont mind a whole session to rp just not as a common thing but I would be fine as long as there is at least one encounter per game most of the time.

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Name and age : I usually go by "Suzu" online, I hope you don't mind me using a nickname, and I am currently 24 Experience with DnD and other RPG's  (Non-needed): I've played two short D&D 5e campaigns, as well as a oneshot, a somewhat longer-running Numenera campaign, and I had DM'd a Dragon Age RPG game for a group of friends for quite a while. Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : I really enjoy the fact that it allows the imagination to be free. From an artist's perspective, RPGs are like paintings to me. I can work with a restricted palette or design if need be, but I thrive when I can just let my creativity run rampant and make my own direction. I think that's why this is my favorite genre. Favorite moment in any RPG and why : In the DARPG game I ran, we had a party of four plus a GM character. They were exploring a ruin and came across a few locked doors, and the rogue being the class they were picked the locks fairly easily. And every time, our dwarven friend would mutter "But I had the key". Fast forward to a good fight later, and our dwarven pal got to the last door first and promptly smashed it in a fit of rage from battle and a Nat 20. He never did get to use that key he looted... It became a running joke after that. Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them : I have two. One nice, one not so much. Character 1 : Nyxi, Rock Gnome Wizard; Chaotic Good; Sage background with Astronomer Specialty; I would love to play her for two reasons: One, I had imagined the aesthetics of her spells would reflect stars and space, and felt it could be really interesting both to draw and describe. Two, I haven't played a pure spellcaster in years. It would be really fun to learn the ropes again and have a bit of fun with magic. Character 2 : A newer concept, so I don't have a name for her yet; Tiefling Warlock; Criminal background; I would love to play her because this concept is one I have not tried before, a redemption arc of sorts. A character that begins as Neutral Evil (given the GM allows it) and slowly but surely climbs their way through alignments - probably to Chaotic Good - on their way through reform and changing their ways due to the impact and good their party makes on them. It wouldn't be a character to screw over the party indefinitely, just someone who's come out of a bad situation/profession and into a better group of people. I thought it was an interesting concept since I had always played to my class more, not my alignment. What makes a good campaign, and GM : In one word: Interest. To me, a great GM is one who is able to keep their players' interest with different hooks and encounters, as well as a genuine interest in their own world and storytelling. An example that comes to mind is Matt Mercer, as I've just started watching Critical Role. He's very engaging (so much so that even I get invested in the story sitting behind the screen), and the fact that he seems to really enjoy the story and characters, both PCs and NPCs, is a really great trait for a GM to have. I've worked with some GMs who seemed to be rather disinterested and monotone, and I always found myself bored during and after a session. So interest is key in my book.

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Name and age:  I prefer to be called Hectic.(Just became a second name to me since that's what I'm known as in every online presence I have.) I am 23 years old. Experience with DnD and other RPG's  (Non-needed):  I have only been playing D&D 5E since 2015. I have played in 2 games and DMed countless other ones. I actually DM a game currently on a bi-weekly schedule every Sunday night at 7:30PM CST Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : I enjoy the flexibility and spontaneity of TableTop games because no game is exactly the same and there is always a chance of some strange interesting thing happening. Also, with the right group, it's fun to explore different personalities and build a story with others. Favorite moment in any RPG and why : I was DMing for a group. A gnome druid, a dwarf fighter, a goliath barbarian, and a tiefling warlock. They were faced with a closed door and could hear enemies on the opposite side. The druid wild shaped into a bear, the dwarf mounted on top of them, and then the goliath kicked down the door and rolled(WITH DISADVANTAGE) A NAT 20 to throw one of his handaxes at the first enemy he saw, which ended up being a one hit kill, while the dwarf/bear combo rode into battle eviscerating everything else in the room. Why was this one of my favorite moments? Do i really need to say? Haha. Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them :  Character 1:  A Triton Paladin named Zeldris Orlanath. He is a highly renowned warrior of the sea who loves to talk about his many victories. He came to the surface because he has always viewed it as a wondrous place that he never got to explore. Zeldris wants to protect the people of the surface, just as he has protected the people of the sea, while also learning everything he can from them. Zeldris can sometimes come off as arrogant or haughty, but he truly does mean well and wants only to share knowledge and be a shield to all from evil forces. Character 2: A Gnome Cleric named Leonard Ficklefoot. A man of knowledge who strives to do all he can to learn, even if it means risking his own life. He has spent most of his life hidden away from the world, studying and learning all that he can about a legendary spellbook that people say grant the reader infinite knowledge, but a careless mistake of leaving a candle too close to his tomes caused his library to go up in flames, resulting in him losing all of his information. So, hes travelling, trying to find out if the legends are true for himself. Character 3: A Dragonborn Bard named Jackal Heavyhand. He was adopted by a dwarven family that had found him alone in the mountains, thus the surname. Being the only Dragonborn in a Dwarven clan, he had to learn how to fight and defend himself from many who couldn't care less about his wellbeing. As he grew up, he began to discover that he really enjoying a form of singing, but not like traditional bards, he does freestyle raps. His parents didnt approve of this lifestyle, so he ran away to become a huge star for his raps so that his parents will finally respect his talents. What makes a good campaign, and GM : I believe what makes a good campaign is a group that has pretty good chemistry. I've tried a few one shots and the thing that makes some more fun than others is if the group has a relaxed energy with each other and they all make an honest effort to keep everyone involved without moving forward and leaving someone behind or asking for an opinion from someone who has been quiet for the past 20 minutes. What makes a good GM is that the GM must be open-minded and willing to adapt, while also holding firm to a set of principles. Also, just showing actual effort and impartiality with the group.
Name and age : Scy/Raisins, either or, doesn't really matter. Age 19 Experience with DnD and other RPG's: I have two years and some change playing Dnd 5e, I've ran a couple one-shots with some friends. I played alot of 40k in my childhood, and whenever used the ork army's 'WAAAAAAGGGHHH,' I actually had to yell wagghhh in a store full of older people, that was exciting as an 8 year old.  Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : It's a good way to create lasting friendships and memories. Most of my closest friends are due to some sort of Rpg. Dnd is a fun way to express certain ideas that i've wanted to do personally but am not able to right now. Depending on the people in the party and the imagination of the DM most sessions can be better than the above average 2018 movie in quality and entertainment value, and being a part of that is super cool in my eyes. Favorite moment in any RPG and why : In my second campaign, we were tasked to go find a certain relic, which would be used to defeat our nemesis Iuz, a murderous hellbent demigod. The party were sent through a series of tests that were designed to test each of our attributes. The dexterity room was centered around stealth and acrobatics, not to awake the enemies all around. The Constitution room was a large chamber filled with poison, and took the tank (me) to push through at a moderate pace while our healers popped off their heals on me, allowing the mega-off switch to be switched. The Charisma test was a small room with a talking door and a word above it's head. We had to trick the door into saying the word that was on its frame. The intelligence we traded a master scholar our sage's personal diary for his book of knowledge. And the Wisdom room was on the tank (me again). I entered the room first, and i had to choose between receiving the relic and one of my party member's dying, or turning back without the relic. I chose the save the party because each of them were too important to be without. Then shortly after we left and a ghost handed me the relic in secret and let me decide if i was going to share the power.  This was super cool and indepth because we had to utilize the strengths of each member and be mindful of everyone's weaknesses to succeed with everyone alive. Super cool player moment. Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them : Half-orc rogue named Uruk-Slai, a bit of play on words, while still seeming like it could be a fun character. I've always enjoyed rogue, and trying to do more than just stab-runaway-stab-runaway is an interesting feat in an of itself. Tielfing barbarian-name pending- This would be a character I've put a lot of thought into, its really made by a specific unearthed arcana feat-flail mastery. He would be strength based, while wielding a weapon I've yet seen in a game. I've never played a barbarian nor tielfing, and they seem like a cool combo which would be different and might add some surprise too his appearance. Last one is a tortollan cleric (tempest domain). She spends her time taking care of her small neck of the woods while when needed, defending the forest against those who wish it ill will. She would be chaotic good, acting only when it benefits her deity's needs, or her party. her deity would be akadi, closest alignment equivalent while remaining in the tempest realm of gods. I've tried several times to make this character work, but normally the campaigns fall short, as in circumstances change and the Dm/majority of players have interest shifts. What makes  a good campaign, and GM : A balance of rules and freedom. A wide imagination on both the players and the Gm. Mutual respect between all players both in game and out. I personally like sometimes when the party's ideas conflict, it allows possibilities to explore either both options, or go fully on one with some convincing to do. Gm's can make or break the game, being able to deal with drama if it arises, whilst also tell a compelling story when they don't control all the variables is a very impressive talent not just anyone can have.  Let me know what works/doesn't work for you. Thanks for taking time to read this.

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Name and age : go by Cherokar 18 Experience with DnD and other RPG's  : Been playing 5e consistently for 3 years now, have dm'ed a little bit. Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise :It gives you the freedom to do things that other games don't. It also allows you to make characters as unique as you want, the ability to have control over one of the main characters in a story is cool. Favorite moment in any RPG and why : One of my favorite moments was when my friend and I had recovered an idol from a city of undead that had the ability to raise the undead where ever it went, but we were playing characters that did not care about magic much, so when we were going to have it identified the wizard who was identifying it asked to buy it and without thinking we sold it, without the knowledge of the rest of the group. We werent very smart characters and probably shouldnt have been left with the idol, but it was hilarious nonetheless. Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them : 1.A Goliath Eldritch Knight Fighter.  He broke away from his heard because he did not like the mindless violence that came with travelling with them. He went to a large city and got an education and even started to learn magic.  He wishes to continue his expansion of knowledge and learn more of the arcane arts, but he still has his roots of being in a fighter in a Goliath herd. I have always wanted to play an eldritch knight and a Goliath that isn't dumb seems like a fun idea as well. 2. Halfling monk. Always bored with life and looking for the next adventure. Left home at an early age to find something interesting. Always travelling around meeting new people and trying to entertain himself. Found a group of monks that he trained under for a while until he got bored again and is now looking for a new adventure.  I have never played a monk before and have always wanted to, and a halfing seems like a fun race to have running around at great speeds, ninja kicking people twice their size. What makes  a good campaign, and GM : A good campaign (imo) is one that tells a good story, and allows the players to change the direction of said story with their decisions. A good gm is one that adapts well to the changes and keeps the players on their toes, and punishes them for stupid choices.

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Experience with DnD and other RPG's I have been playing a large amount of 5e for the past 4 1 / 2 &nbsp;years and i'm not familiar with any other edition and most of my experience is as a DM. I'm a massive fan of the Witcher series games and books, and the Elder-scrolls games&nbsp; (despite its few shortcomings, i have an ungodly amount of hours on Skyrim and Oblivion) , i love dark-souls for its gritty and rough realism of not being a god among men and having to fight to survive regardless of having a purpose. I am not particularly picky but I'm usually a fan of dark fantasy in general and i still find plenty of enjoyment in wonder lust magical worlds of awe and shock as well. I am placed in PST zone but my hours can be pretty flexible outside of Saturdays. Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : Well I'm a massive fan of fantasy in general and grew up with games like Champions of Norrath and Baldur's Gate to get me interested and stories from my mother and father about cool adventures they had in A-D&amp;D and other tabletops with their friends. I had got into 5e officially about 4 1 / 2&nbsp; years ago with my friends and i wanting to find something to glue us together more. My games i run as a Dm are inspired by things like The Witcher series games and books, and the Elder-scrolls games&nbsp; (and despite its shortcomings i have an ungodly amount of hours on Skyrim and Oblivion) , i love dark-souls for its gritty and rough realism of not being a god among men and having to fight to survive with everyone else clawing your way out of weakness regardless of having a purpose. I am not particularly picky but I'm usually a fan of dark fantasy in general and i still find plenty of enjoyment in wonder lust magical worlds of awe and shock as well. But i have always been entrance by the power of collaborative story telling and the fun memories that it can give in such a far more powerful way then most any other medium and i've done nothing but dive in nose first since my first character Favorite moment in any RPG and why : you have pitched me a difficult question indeed....I guess it would be a moment in which a Dm of mine transformed my entire backstory into a 13 session story and took the party and i though a massive plot of mysteries and drama that changed not only my perception of my own character but how he used my bio to impact such an amazing story with simply writing 5-6 paragraphs of "how my character got his powers and why he fights" and pretty much ever since then i tend to find character backstories to be a very powerful and important thing in my games. While its not a direct experience or event the entire process was awe inspiring and motivates my games to this day. Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them :&nbsp; (might have cheated posting 3 sorry) I have a few ideas running depending on what you think will be best for your game. Starting with:&nbsp; A Paladin of&nbsp; Oath of the torch &nbsp; (removing the 3rd level ability&nbsp; Angelic arms ) &nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;entirely up to you if you dont like it, just wanted something that fit the character idea better in my head and i'm willing to balance it. He is a man who was originally just a hunter for a small village but ran into a dangerous undead that was going to kill him but was saved by a paladin. Inspiring him to use his life to protect others he spent some time as a soldier and took a knack &nbsp;for medicine &nbsp;and became a field medic for a while but decided to come (to&nbsp; the capital/major city?) &nbsp;to practice as a doctor after important people realized he a good talent for medicine and was encouraged to pursue it. He was given lodging and an office by a noble family of a man who he had saved the life of during deployment. He eventually was given jobs and was depended on to save lives of generally important&nbsp;people.&nbsp; (He needs to have a sort of crises that involved him losing title, maybe a failed operation on someone important and was discredited, or was captured during war and was forced to save an enemy leader and was unlicensed, etc.)&nbsp; A Blood Hunter &nbsp;probably going ghost-slayer or profane soul, depends really.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; This one is a noble man of the Grimsbane family, who has lost everything he has ever know or loved to an evil&nbsp; (profane soul would likely make it a demon and ghost-slayer&nbsp;would be a lich or something) &nbsp;and decided to accept dark powers to be able to slay it and release the souls of his family and lover. Hes on a vengeance&nbsp;path but knows he needs strength and friends to slay it but its difficult because he has become a little jaded considering events and what it takes to become a blood hunter. He is haunted by these powers and his scars consistently&nbsp;remind him of his lack of strength to overcome and protect so he will do everything he can to protect those he considers friends. A Swashbuckler or Scout rogue &nbsp;&nbsp; He is a father who lost his wife, and his son is missing so he is following a trail of crumbs to find him at all costs he is either a hunter or an ex soldier depending on what you had in mind, but he will likely be familiar&nbsp;as a scout or a formidable flanker in the battlefield i have yet to pin it down as it changes a couple of times but his is a somewhat charismatic&nbsp;man that is honorable and trustworthy and favors efficiency above most things as long as it doesn't&nbsp;cross his strong morals. I have a few more ideas running around and could always make something that will fit better to your world (also i have a utility option of wizard as well but i'm not far into it and would not be able to plug and play as easily as the others) The story's are pretty "plug and play" the way a wrote them depending on what sounds the most fun atm and most beneficial to the party as i'm on the fence about either of them What makes a good campaign, and GM : while i really cant judge that myself and have been surprised many times about what might sound bad in theory, i will say that i love a dm that pays attention to the character that the players create and help them create a living breathing story of its own that can influence others in miraculous ways and build it up so the players can participate and care for the characters story's and lives to come. Along with that i like a Dm who takes a few artistic liberties in approach to story building and problem solving choosing to reward creative thinking and alternative approaches instead of punishing them or shutting them down based on there&nbsp;not being a preset cut rule for the action. Instead allowing them to make vulnerabilities and weaknesses with skill checks and action economy like for instance choosing to damage a limb to disable an ability of a difficult creature or using the terrain to give them the advantage even if small like only a +2 to hit for one attack or a clipping 5-10 feet of movement of the enemy showing them that creative thinking works gives them soo much more reasons to be interested in you combat and creatures. I also love it when a Dm takes some time to describe my scenery as to get in character and play the best i can i like to visualize my surroundings and abilities displaying players expertise and style incorporated in their creation translated into a mental image of action and awe.&nbsp; I have plenty more to say about that but i dont want to give you a whole article to read before you even decide who you want to play with but i i hope you will give a good shot&nbsp; best of luck on the game table

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Application: Name and age : I usually go as Guin online and im currently 25 Experience with DnD and other RPG's&nbsp; (Non-needed): currently GMing another D&amp;D campaign, but i have played in multiple campaigns and one-shots as a player, I also have played and GM'd Shadowrun 5th edition for a few years. And a few games of Blades in the Dark and Dungeon World. Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : They let me scratch that creative itch and give my brain an outlet for stories it cooks up. Favorite moment in any RPG and why : Our wizard PC getting killed by a Dullahan, the player yelling out "YES!" and me, at the same time, getting giddy as I realized my barbarian PC would now travel down a very dark and angry road against our paladin PC for leading us into that battle. The story just wrote itself from the events.&nbsp; Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them :&nbsp; A swashbuckler, orphaned by war, raised by a kind dwarf, now adventuring to find her lost sister (and to add to her collection of old and exotic coins). I'd enjoy playing a more lighthearted character thats driven by a rather mundane goal, thats also kinda plays against type. A noble, whose bloodline carries a dark power and a family history shrouded in mystery and blood. (i.e. she is the reincarnation of a vampire lord who reigned in the past and whose power resurfaces in them). I just enjoy the design of the shadow bloodline and sorcerers, and I cant pass up the opportunity to play one. What makes a good campaign, and GM : The players and GM committing to make a good story and to embrace failure as a storytelling device. As for a good GM...the ability to roll with the punches and keep a straight face through even the most ridiculous things players do.
Name and age : Travis, 37 Experience with DnD and other RPG's&nbsp; (Non-needed): I have been playing D&amp;D since the 90s, starting with 2nd edition. I've dabbled in a few other RPGs (Star Wars, Werewolf/Vampire) but nothing ever really stuck like D&amp;D. Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : I love escaping the real world. I love meshing my creativity with the DM's and the other player's to create an amazing story that we can all get lost in. Favorite moment in any RPG and why : There was a time where my best friend and I hosted large games after Friday Night Magic at a comic shop we worked at. We would get 9-12 players and play until sun-up. One night, my character and my friend's NPC that lead our "guild" (he was the DM), got into a huge argument. It ended when my character stormed out of the room and I shot up from the table and stormed outside to smoke a cigarette. About 10 minutes later, the scene finished and my buddy the DM comes outside with a million high5s and starts telling me how everyone was reacting and how we got so into it that everyone thought we were really made at each. To get that kind of realism from storytelling is an amazing feeling. Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them : I really want to play an Aasimar Celestial Warlock, and have the Celestial Patron be the Celestial being that interwove(sp? is it&nbsp; a word? I like it!) with my lineage however many thousands of years ago. I think it is some cool DM to PC interaction possibly. Also, I like the Celestial Warlock because it's a nice combination of healing and ranged striker, so it's I dispense kindness or justice? I can do both. What makes&nbsp; a good campaign, and GM : Communication. On all levels. Absolutely the most important thing in a campaign. Also, a strong mixture of preparedness and improvisation from all members. As far as a good GM, I'd say...a strong imagination, obviously, but also the ability to listen. The ability to steer a party to where you want it if things are working out how you wanted, instead of shoving the right direction down their throat. And one that will give me bonus magic items because I tell them how awesome they are :P j/k
Thank you all for applying, I have had a joy reading through all of your posts. We are still looking for players, I can't wait to read your applications.
Name and age : Wes 30 Experience with DnD and other RPG's&nbsp; (Non-needed): 5 years with D&amp;D, Pathfinder, and Dresden files Why do you like RPG's, tabletop or otherwise : I love both experiencing and creating a story simultaneously.&nbsp; Favorite moment in any RPG and why : At the end of a campaign, I used the Wish spell to revive a farmer's daughter. She's sacrificed her life to help the party. I had been saving it to revive my wife. It was a really true character moment.&nbsp;&nbsp; Pitch me a character, then tell me why you want to play them :&nbsp;Rolan (wizard). In Rolan’s village, youth who possessed talent for the arcane were chosen to leave home and study under a mage named Syrus. Rolan and his twin brother Noah were chosen. However, they were deceived. The town’s leader had made a deal with Syrus to provide him children for slaves to use as research into immortality in exchange for protection and wealth. Rolan, Noah, and dozens of other children were subjected to cruel arcane tortured as slaves for years. But as the years went on, they learned in secret. Noah was Syrus’s personal slave/assistant and so had limited access to his magical artifacts and knowledge. Noah began slowly tattooing the secrets to Syrus’s magical codex (spell book) onto Rolan’s body. After 10 years, they made their move, starting a riot. Face to face with Syrus, Noah and Rolan barely overpowered Syrus and killed him. Unbeknownst to Rolan, Syrus was nearly finished his research As Rolan watched in horror, Noah was taken over, possessed by Syrus. With the last of his strength, Noah teleported Rolan away, sealing the gate behind him. Rolan woke up on the other side of the world half alive and with the mage’s codex. Rolan needs power and knowledge so he can find his brother and free or kill him. He refuses to allow another child to go through what he went through. I really want to play a fun twist on Hansel &amp; Gretel...with a little of the guilt of Full Metal Alchemist mixed in :) What makes&nbsp; a good campaign, and GM: I think the two share similar qualities..A good Campaign and GM provide structure while allowing for spontaneity and character choice. The players within should be committed to discovering the story (their story) and helping the other players discover thiers. Simple things like having a describing how a caster using magic, or defining a location or NPC without overwhelming are things that talented GMs make look easy and poor ones make look like a chore.&nbsp;