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Click on spell from character sheet, incorrect values when spell is categorized as ranged or melee


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As the title indicates, I don't understand the rolls resulting from selecting a spell from the character sheet. It happens with an added spell (Eldritch Blast) and one I got from the charactermancer (Chill Touch). For this example I use the warlock spell eldritch blast.  ''You use your action to create a beam of magical energy and hurl it at a creature you can see within range. Make a ranged spell attack. On hit, the target takes 1d10 force damage. Evocation cantrip, 1 action, 120 feet, instantaneous''. I added this information in the character sheet while creating the spell, everything doesn't seem out of the ordinary. As you can see in the added pictures, it gives me two rolls that make no sense to me. So what do the 2 rolls stand for, almost seem like two hit rolls that also added +2 for my proffesion? When hovering the roll it says 1d20 + 4[INT] + 2[PROF] for both of them. However I understand that for the hit roll it would be 1d20 and my intelligence (4), why do I got +2? Also why do I get two of these rolls? When I don't select melee/ranged, and keep it at 'none' for spell attack I get the correct damage roll. However no hit roll is performed?

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It seems your game is set to not automatically roll damage, the rolls you are seeing are the 'automatically roll dis/advantage' rolls (in the event of advantage you'd take the higher of the two, disadvantage = the lower... neither, just take the first roll). If you hit you'd click the attack name in the chat and it would roll the damage for you. The additional +2 you are seeing is your proficiency (PROF), not profession... although in this instance the two could be considered synonymous... since, as you have the spell casting feature you are proficient when attacking with spells. With no attack chosen for your spell the sheet will presume it is an auto damage spell (if the damage field is populated) which is why you'll see the damage without an attack roll. How to view attack damage when the sheet is set to "Don't Auto Roll Damage" Check out the wiki for more details. I hope that helps.