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I have duplicate Character sheets, that are linked O_o


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Browser is Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) OS is windows 10 64 bit   Addons? Uh adblock, facebook purity and google voice?  So I don't know why this happened but one of my players has two sheets listed for him Identical in every way. If I archive one, they both get archived, if I change one, they both change. It's not really a huge deal just kind of weird. 
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Hi GM Malovec, I'll kick this over to the dev team. Hopefully it's something they can fix on the back end.
Roll20 Team
Hi GM Malovec, Could you provide a link to the game (not a join link) and the name of the affected character? Typically this happens when a malformed reference attaches the two and requires a more manual break.
Sure! One moment. Character's name is Azor
Roll20 Team
Hi GM Malovec, Thought I had dropped a response yesterday but apparently I did not hit submit post! The issue should be resolved, could you confirm on your end for me?
Yeah it is fixed! Thank you. Is there something I may have did that I should avoid?
Roll20 Team
We have not pinned down the exact cause of the issue, so there is no explicit advice we can provide at the moment to avoid further duplication. That said, if it does happen again, feel free to post a new thread with the information asked here. And if you happen to find steps to reproduce feel free to let us know here as well! GM Malovec said: Yeah it is fixed! Thank you. Is there something I may have did that I should avoid?