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Remake of the dungeon of the mad mage maps?

Hello when Dungeon of the mad mage came out I remember that we people were quiet upset with the quality of the maps and that people were talking of making their own maps and selling them on the market place. Has anyone actually done this yet? My group is about to start the adventure and I would like to know if there are different maps around that I could use instead.
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By the IP Laws that WotC has over the likeness of their maps and adventures, we cannot reproduce replicates of their derived property and sell them on Roll20. I personally would love to create all of the Waterdeep Dragonheist and DotMM maps to suit my personal style and preference, however I do not foresee WotC changing their rules on the sharing of these items anytime soon, which is unfortunate for us Gamers and Artists alike over here on Roll20. It is my hopes that in future productions from WotC that they review the wants desires of this thriving community in hopes to avoid future disappointment in this community in particular. Also if anyone from WotC is reading this, I'm interested. ;)

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I started making my own....  I had toyed with the idea of improving them a bit more and trying to sell them on here or DrivethruRPG, but since I'm using some textures from an existing roll20 marketplace item, AND because of what Munky said above - I don't think that certain business plan is going to get off the ground! SPOILER WARNING - Technically you can see monster positions on the map below.   
You could always do it for free. :)

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Yes. If I wasn't worried about upsetting any moderators on here, I'd post up the links to my first level 1 map... (It's in 8 bits that you pop together). I figure as long as I can make the maps quicker than my players can travel through them, I'll be ok!
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The points that I need covered have already been covered, so thanks so much for that! As for creating your own versions of the maps for your own games, that's awesome. You won't legally be able to sell them, of course. As for offering them for free to others, I highly recommend against that and you're running into IP distribution violation territory and those definitely can not be advertised here. I reeeeealllllly don't like having to report violations to our partners, so please keep these realities in mind and stay cool!
My main complaint with Dragon Heist was the quality of the maps. Now I read DotMM has similar issues. WotC are you listening to us?
To be honest. The thing I miss more than nicely illustrated maps is the simple 'box out' text to describe the rooms. There is pretty much NO descriptive text anywhere...
I can see how the Box Out text can enliven the room since the illustrations are sort of lacking.
I actually like the DoTMM maps in black and white, it is simple and a throwback, i add placeables and artwork to them as dungeon dressing. Also i run undermountain as a haunted living dungeon so corridors vanish and re-direct after players pass i use adding lines on the map layer and DL layer to do this after players pass by. I think 23 full color high res maps would use a ton of resources and just cause technical problems for everyone i'm satisfied by simple and efficient. A map is just a prop for a good dm to create immersion, description, and detail. These things require a little creativity and effort but that's what makes a hobby good, is personal investment.