Hey, we are looking for 1 more person to join an online 5e campaign using discord and Roll20. This game is accepting new/ semi-experienced players. The times to meet as of right now are Friday or Saturday Nights from 6-10 pm EST. Right now, the group is in the works deciding characters and such. For the theme of the campaign, we are using a homebrew called Race to the End of the World . Below is a description of the premise.   Race to the End of the World : Every few centuries the gods have a competition where they choose teams and see which team can overcome the challenges which have been agreed upon by the pantheon. The god representing the winning team becomes the new head of the pantheon and will grant a wish to their team. Kings with armies, adventurers, aspiring world rulers, an ettin that "just wants to be alone for once" and more are the teams competing. Delving ocean temples, climbing active volcanoes, spelunking the mines of "totally not moria" are just some of the challenges. The party is one such group that have come together thanks to a sponsor(s) and will be acting on behalf of 1 deity, or even alone, though they don't all have to worship that god.   This is a lvl 3 to possibly 20 campaign. If anyone is interested in join and wants to have a fun time, message me on Discord at James@9870 as to why you should be in the group.