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[LFP][5E] New D&D Campaign, Sunday Evenings EST (Beginner Friendly)

Well met, and thanks in advance for any interest in this group! I am looking to start a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the World of Greyhawk. This will be a fairly straight forward D&D campaign, played every other week from 7pm to 11pm (EST) and use Discord for voice chat. No previous role-playing experience or knowledge of Greyhawk is required to join this game. Noobz and vets are both welcome! For more information, come on over and check out the LFG listing here:
I would be interested in joining. I have some good D&D knowledge.
Hey, I saw in your listing you had two races I didn't realize were official: half-ogre and pixie.  Are those homebrew or were they recently released?  Could you link them?  I'm curious about playing one or the other in your campaign.
I am also interested in joining if you have any slots available.   
Likewise, I'm curious about the 'Pugilist' class, which I haven't heard of before. Would it be possible to look over what sorts of features that class has, to get an idea whether I'm interested in it?
Hello,  I would be interested in playing.  Sounds interesting.  
Thanks for the responses guys! I had a hellacious day at work yesterday and am just now getting around to pm-ing several of you with information regarding the custom races and classes that are playable in this campaign. I'm still looking for one player to round out the party, so please let me know if you have any other questions!
I would be interested in a game, have many years experience in both DM and as player. Would enjoy a good old role playing, hack and slash mix. I have never used the RollD20 VD system so would need a learning curve with it. 
Not a problem there, I've got other players either new to D&D or new to Roll20 that joined as well. The rest are happy and willing to teach and go slow.

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Hello, I am a brand new player looking for an adventure. LMK if the slot isn't filled up or if you need more info!