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DM looking for Consistent players Sunday nights DND5e

Hello, I'm a DM looking to gather people for my new West Marches/Campaign that takes place in the world of Elarune from an upcoming game Relics and Minions. We are thinking about starting around 7pm Central time. games will be about 4 hours long on average maybe longer if people arent too tired.  Discord required. New Players Welcome. Also fun twist. the stories that have been developed in my other games are parts of the story for our new TCG coming out  Relics and Minions  (check out the site for our previous lore)  the west marches isn't as much story driven but with a consistent group id love to progress the story in our main game.  There are a few homebrew rules that we play which will be listed. in our discord.  Me as a DM: Story driven. Life is cheap for newbies. Love combat and Roleplaying encounters I try to do a good mix. Very quick to make up a ruling on the spot vs looking up official rule. (Need to accept rulings) PVP can be allowed if the story see's it fit.  You as a player: Mature Enthusiastic in exploring our world. Consistent in playing Night Owl.  If this sounds good to you, please message me on here or Discord.  Looking to get consistent players ASAP Prunk44 #9490
I would be interested. Been looking to join a new set of people.  I would be free to run weekly.