Our 5e campaign has been running for nearly a year now, and a few players have had to leave due to schedule/job/family conflicts, so we are looking for a couple of new players. The campaign is set in Greyhawk, and is a broad-themed game that has elements of dungeon-crawling, investigation, politics, and war woven together with a strong story.  There is combat, but it is not a focus, and sessions can go by without rolling to hit.  This is a chance to develop a character and their place in the world.  The pacing and feel of the game is casual punctuated by moments of intensity and seriousness.  As a rule, the campaign avoids hardcore subjects such as racism, sex, sexual assault, and torture.  If they come up by necessity of the story, they are handled in a very non-explicit manner. What we're looking for: A mature and relatively laid-back player who has at least a base understanding of the rules who is certain that they will be available for a long-term game during this time slot.  Our sessions are generally short (approx. 2 hours) and missing occasional sessions is a given, but we need players who can commit to the long-term.  Minimum age is 18.   We play via Roll20 and Discord through voice.  A solid and reliable internet connection and fluency with English is a must. If you meet all of the above requirements and are interested in learning more, please PM me.  I'd like to hear a detailed bio of yourself, your playstyle, what you look for in a game and so forth.  The more info the better as I'll be letting my existing players help me choose a player who will be a good fit.