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Add sign-up for Roll20 newsletter on footer-links to see when logged-in

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Hi Roll20'ers! A nice suggestion for this wonderful website: Please add the Roll20 email newsletter subscription sign-up form where it can be discovered by users who are logged-in; perhaps add it on the footer of the website near © 2013 Crafted with love by The Orr Group. That way the signup would appear to people who are logged in -- people who are regular users of the site. Background: Roll20 has an email newsletter. The sign-up form can only be seen when you are NOT logged in. It is on the bottom of the Roll20 homepage when you are not logged in. If you are logged in, or if your browser does auto-login every time, then you are redirected to 'Virtual Tabletop" link, taking you to your list of campaigns, like I see everyday on this site. For someone like me, I've been a logged-in member of Roll20 since mid-2012. I did not know about an email newsletter until last week when Twitter @Roll20 mentioned there was a survey about Character Data going out. Sadly I missed the survey because I was not subscribed to the emails. Can anyone tell what was asked in the survey? I am very curious about that. Now I am subscribed to the newsletter, but others may have overlooked it as I did for 2 years. Thanks for your consideration & thanks again for this great website. P.S. Anyone else who is not getting email newsletter from Roll20 -- for now be sure to LOG OUT and go to the Home Page, scroll to the bottom, enter your email to sign up & get the surveys/news!
I, too, had no idea that such a thing existed! I saw that post regarding the survey, because I wanted to answer the survey, but closed the window and lost the link to the signup page. Thanks for showing me how to find it; I've signed up now, for what good that does... at least I'll be able to see the newsletters from now on. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. -Phnord

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Phnord Prephect said: So I've got that going for me, which is nice. I see what you did there....