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5e Shaped sheet: Crit Range field options for a query?

I want to know if there is a way to create a global crit range macro or query, that would trigger on any valid attack.  Specific example: My character is a hexblade warlock and the Hexblade's curse gives a bonus crit range of 19-20.  On the OGL sheet I could enter ?{Is the target cursed|No, 20|Yes, 19}} into the weapon or spell attack's crit range field. This would trigger a yes/no dialog box. On the 5e shaped sheet only one number is allowed to be entered, no macro/query info.  So, I think this means I need to create a duplicate weapon entry for every weapon/spell affected by the curse, or manually calculate the adjusted crit range.  I could do both these things, it just becomes cumbersome on the character sheet and tedious to manage.  Ideally, creating a roll macro that could handle both the crit range modification (19-20)  and bonus damage  (@{PB})  would be great.  But I don't really know how to create or implement macros.       Thanks for any help anyone could provide.

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I don't think there is a neat solution for this on the Shaped Sheet. I'll leave this thread open, of course, in case anyone does have a nifty technique, but otherwise, your best option is to post a feature request to the Issue Tracker for the sheet . (That link is found at the bottom of every character sheet.) The author Kryx uses this to track issues, rather than the Roll20 thread. Although you could try posting to the Roll20 thread and ask "I'll open a feature request on the tracker for this if there is no easy way, but how do I..." This might have higher visibility by other users of the sheet than a standalone thread. Good luck!
Thanks for your prompt reply Keith.  I'll follow up with your suggestions.