"A Blighted Harvest"   an introductory adventure for a "Points of Light" style Fantasy campaign. Your neighbors hard work harvesting their farms and orchards have been interrupted by a terrible blight. Last night one farm and one orchard were destroyed; apples eaten to their cores. Gourds, beans and other crops eaten and the plants dried and dead. If not stopped quickly, the villagers face death by starvation this winter. Our last session ("session 0") summary: •The characters have determined that the source of the blight are giant insects and their fae masters from the nearby Faewood. At least one orchard and farm surrounding elderly bachelor Wallis' farm have been completely destroyed. • That Wallis farm is surrounded by a small berm containing a huge amount of pig-iron chips and slag. That his farm is untouched and that this ancient bachelor has a "grand-daughter" just over the age of 2, unknown to anyone else in the village. • They captured a sleeping brownie named "Dom Tom", who babbled on about the "breaking of the pact" and that "the Pale Queen wants the doll back!". • As they finish a conversation with brownie named "Dom Tom" and come to an agreement: they will free Dom Tom and he will lead them to the Pale Queen, lady of the fae court. • When they notice that "Old Man" Wallis and the toddler have overheard the conversation. They stand just inside the berm that marks his property line. He exclaims, "I ain't lettin' them take my sister again!!" • Will the characters try to sneak up on old man Wallis, knock him out and take the little girl back to the Pale Queen? Or, will they enact their second plan: to follow Dom Tom to the fae court and see if there is another way to stop the Fae "Blight" upon the villagers crops? Sunday 12/16 will be the 2nd session (first full play session) of a new campaign. • Setting: Fantasy "Points of Light" style campaign • Rules: Savage Worlds Adventure Edition • Voice: Discord • Players: Aged roughly 30 to 50; 18+ required. ( Content will be standard fare for a RPG such as descriptions of violence, evil deeds by bad guys, or a rare but brief suggestion of adult situations without further detail. )  • When: Sundays, 5:30pm PST for about 3 hours (never more than 4 hours) •  • Looking for one more player to join as a guest for our next session ( 2nd session ). ◦ This guest seat may turn into an invite for the remainder of the campaign. (Estimated duration of 3 to 5 months with possibility of follow up campaigns.) ◦ The ability and intent to attend all game sessions is important. ◦ A microphone setup capable of quality audio, free of distracting noises, echos or feedback loops. (Push-to-talk is encouraged.) ◦  If interested: Please send a private message to briefly introduce yourself.