Previously advertised as "A Blighted Harvest", which is the title of episode 1 (completed). Sunday 12/23 will be the third session of a new campaign. &nbsp; &nbsp; • Setting:&nbsp; Fantasy "Points of Light" style campaign &nbsp; &nbsp; • Rules:&nbsp; &nbsp; Savage Worlds Adventure Edition &nbsp; &nbsp; • Voice:&nbsp; &nbsp; Discord &nbsp; &nbsp; • Players:&nbsp; 4 total, including GM, ages 30 to 50 (approx).; Best fit will be of similar age;&nbsp; 18+ required.&nbsp; ( Content will be standard fare for a RPG such as descriptions of violence, evil deeds by bad guys, or a rare but brief suggestion of adult situations without detail. ) &nbsp; &nbsp; • When:&nbsp; &nbsp; Sundays, 5:30pm PST for about 3 hours (never more than 4 hours) &nbsp; &nbsp; •&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; • Looking for one more player to join as a guest for our next session ( 3rd session ). &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ◦ This guest seat may turn into an invite for the remainder of the campaign.&nbsp; (Estimated duration of 3 to 5 months with possibility of follow up campaigns.) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ◦ The ability and intent to attend all game sessions is important. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ◦ A microphone setup capable of quality audio, free of distracting noises, echos or feedback loops.&nbsp; (Push-to-talk is encouraged.) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ◦ **If interested:&nbsp; Please send a private message to briefly introduce yourself.**&nbsp; Please tell me why you are interested and think you will be a good fit with the group! The Story so far: "A Blighted Harvest" . &nbsp; The players home village of Nearwood suddenly found itself in a dire situation.&nbsp; &nbsp;Several crops and orchards were being consumed by large bugs at the direction of fae from the nearby Faewood.&nbsp; &nbsp;They discovered one farm immune to this ...blight.&nbsp; &nbsp;They learned that an old pact had been broken:&nbsp; in exchange for solving the "Dry Curse" 65 years ago, the villagers had given the Fae his 2 year old sister.&nbsp; And he recently broke the pact, fetching her back, unaged after all these years. &nbsp; The players, after much debate between themselves, sought audience of the Pale Queen, mistress of the fae court.&nbsp; &nbsp;The fae wanted their "doll" back, for the simple childish stories that they seem to thrive upon.&nbsp; &nbsp;She was their replacement for their favorite "toys" - a village of halflings - was obliterated by The Beast just months before the Dry Curse came.&nbsp; The players suggested an alternate deal and the Pale Queen agreed, but not in a way they expected.&nbsp; She told them a story.&nbsp; A story which took them back in time and into the bodies of their fellow villagers who were visiting a harvest festival in the halfling land the very night The Beast struck over 65 years ago. &nbsp; They found strange happenings that night; encountered an odd gnome leaving the area; then evidence of his vile doings which resulted in the release of The Beast as a result the gnome's retrieval of an ancient device from a previously hidden and warded vault. &nbsp; Through great skill, or luck, the characters took down the massive Beast just before it slew and consumed the gathered halflings at the festival grounds. &nbsp; They then woke, encased in "eggs" made of bark, roots of which entangled on old bones nearby...bones that wore their clothes and gear.&nbsp; Returned back to the present and to their village: where they found something previously extinct:&nbsp; a number of halflings living among them, as if they always had. The Story continues on 12/23 &nbsp; the villagers are worried about neighbors overdue from their return from a trade caravan ; omens of doom. Game Ad Link:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>