Greetings The Veil gamemasters and players, I added translations keys to The Veil in pull request 4509 . It will go live tomorrow. I have compared the before & after to the current sheet and to my "uneducated Veil" eyes it looks ready. Please let me know if after tomorrow you find any errors or mistakes. The most common one would be a red label in brackets likes this [Veil 2020]. The second most common is just the wrong label applied so you may see a label that should be "MAD" as "SAD". In both cases, mechanically they will still work as they always have and are only named wrong. Just let me know and I'll fix it. Screen shots are helpful. Change was done per the request of issue #4439 . Translators, If you start translating the Veil could you ping me on this forum, Crowdin, or GitHub. Once the translations go live then I'll look for any CSS updates that need to be done to accommodate your language. Thanks, Cassie Disclaimer: This is a personal side project and not official Roll20 notice. :)