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Stellar Winds

Information Looking for players interested in joining persistent campaign set in the Stellar Winds. We are using GURPS lite as a base rule set as the game will focus on character development and the overall path / career choices your character makes in the universe. Characters are to be designed with the intentions of maturing into heroic / if not legendary during the course of there adventuring career. Historically Stellar Winds has been about development of character's relationships with one another and the various powers and elements that operate in the universe. So we are looking for players want to tell a story about there characters from start to finish rather then hack and slash. The Current Campaign: Stellar Winds - Destiny. -  Currently 7pm - 12pm, Eastern Standard (-5) A group of contractors have been hired out by Zergal Heavy Technology Corp. A powerful and leading corporation of planet Gaia located at the heart of Terran Confederation of Kingdoms. They have boarded the Starbound and set sail across the ocean of stars to a lonely world located in the Old Asyuran star belt in search of Alien Technologies. What they don't know is the history of this elven world and the dark secrets buried in the sands of times...  The Universe Stellar Winds is story that takes place in a sector of space where classic fantasy variants of races reside to close to comfort. It is a group of star clusters in a twenty light year cube of space tucked away under the belly of a enormous purple nebula called the Great Morass. These clusters are home to interstellar governmental  alien empires, colonial worlds, and ancient elven home worlds cloaked in mystery and magic.  Current Day Stella Sector: The Stella Sector has is divided into four subsectors quartering off various clusters of stars. The shape and look of the politics of present day Stellar Winds by the Star League Empire a powerful government of human worlds that raided distant worlds for resources, gold, and magic. The Star League ruled for over 100 years unchecked in much the same style of Spanish empire of the 1500s. The Star League carted off treasures found on distant worlds in giant space gallons though fell apart to internal strife during its twilight years giving rise to the Kingdoms of Gaia ruled by absolute monarchies waring over the ruins left behind by the Star League in the colonial frontiers of Stella Sector. Ancient Times: In the ancient times the Elven Empire of Asyuran rules across the sector in what is considered the banner of stars. Advanced in technology and magical by nature they're civilization was vast and cultured. They had the ability to travel from one star system to another in a matter of minutes through the use of a the Starway. A network of passages that connect together in between time and space. However as advanced as there civilization was the destruction of there capital world to a super nova plunged the civilization into utter chaos leaving the various distant worlds isolated and alone without the ability to access the Starway. This dark age marked the start of a slow death of the star elves and the rise to alien empires in neighboring clusters and later on the humans. 
Past Campaigns: Privateers of the New Worlds The more popular venue of Stellar Winds is the New Worlds Cluster which carries the flavor of the age of sail and the Caribbean. These games allow players to seek buried Star League treasure, technologies of the ancients, or become space buccaneers.  We've had players manage and  operate a privateer company while others focused on locating and searching Star League Treasure. We have had some elevate there status to pirate lords residing over pirate settlements.  Denizens of the Great Morass Another version of the universe is taken from the perspective of dreaded dark elves. These cousins of the Star Elves reside in the darkness of the great morass and find them selves in an struggle against the dangerous species that have called this place home long before they have. Organized by houses and governed by strict rules of tradition these clans plot against one another's weakness or in ability to uphold tradition in efforts to expand there family's strength and protect there civilization against the Glicks. A dangerous arachnid species with advance telepathic abilities.  Nobles of the Old Worlds The noble lords and royal monarchies of the human cluster of Gaia are in a constant competition with there neighboring monarchs. They often war over territory with there space navies, engage cut throat business between power corporations, and conduct espionage operations. There is no limit to various conflicts that the monarchies of Gaia could come to when it comes to the stake of supremacy in the Stella Sector. Eternal Graces of the Star Elf Governed by strict traditions these noble houses struggle to retain there identity in a ever changing universe by protecting what little of there ancient technological artifacts they have left. These artifacts are magically powerful and incredibly advanced by most alien species standards making them highly sought after. As as forcing the Star Elves to be territorial and isolationist rejecting outsiders for the sake of there fading identities. 
Want to bid welcome to GinaMarie! Glad to have you aboard!
Like to welcome David.a to Stellar Winds Communiy! 
I've added the character outline to the campaign page. A character outline should be filled out before we generate a character.
Want to welcome Edward to the group!
We are still looking for players!
Like to Welcome Gregory to the Stellar Winds game. I'll make an effort to catch up with you soon, My desktop monitor took a spill during some cleaning efforts. So i'm working off my Suface. 
I got my monitor now. So I'm back in bussines. 
Want to welcome Brian the group!
Still accepting members for monday night game. It's going to be mature, action pack adventuring in the universe of Stellar Winds.
what time and time zone
That would be Eastern Standard Time
Like to Welcome Dan Walker, Philip P to the group! We are only have one more slot left!
A fantastic 1st Game! We still have space for one more player! If your interested send me a e-mail!
Hey everyone. Next game is April 1st! Still looking for one player! give me a ping!
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1st game was great, cant wait to really get going with the story in the 2nd game.
So far I have noticed that Mikey is very in depth with the story he created it for his own campaign and even has a wiki he has been updated. He has found great rpers who actually focus on roleplay and some Rollplay.... I have even started a zombie campaign with a few of the players. The story is a very outlaw star type feel along with some firefly since a good part of the world is medieval type tech vs other parts being almost modern to the jetsons.  We so far got a Mercenary, a scientist, a princess (my character), a drunk biker, and a dwarf scoundrel. Everyone was signed on to explore elven ruins except the princess who basically is going because of wishing to and being spoken highly of.  So far I am the only girl in the player character group other than 2 non player characters. Also my character wanted to go explore the ruins to learn of her elven heritage but she was not prepared for the dangers of deeper space.
I wrote you back via email to 'sign up'.  I've got a few questions regarding my character idea and will send you an email about them. *Huggles* Alexis
Contact me via Skype.   michael.d.incecco (one with a picture)
We are still looking for another player. 
Still looking for a GURPS player, We are currently on game 2!
I may be interested but I've never played a GURPs game before. I'm up to try anything with good rping in it. Do you guys just play on Mondays?
Just Monday.
A great second game Mike, I loved the action and how we got down to the moon. I have been thinking about what we should do next and first thing I want to do is strip out usefull stuff from the escape pod and possibly set up a trap around/in the pod so if the people that shot us down come looking for us we will have the advantage. Second goal I have is to make it to the alien ruins to see if we can find any usefull lost tech or things I can kill for food. Again, thanks for running this game I am having a great deal of fun with you guys and in the world, it would be really cool if we could get 1  or 2 more players to join us. Right now is a easy way to implant new people into the story that could have been crew member on the Starbound or even on one of the ships I shot down.
Thanks for the positive feed back Dan!
Good Afternoon. looking for 2 new players.
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Still Looking for two members on Mondays 7pm EST. Group needs a Engineer / Tech or Sneak.
I'm so looking forward to starting the cave we just entered, I'm ready to find some artifacts and see if we can't gather some information for Zergal about this place. Another good game Mike, the next one will be even better.
Thanks again Dan. 
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Hey everyone. We still have one slot open.
Hello everyone! We have one slot open!  ... We are looking for a player that prefers to play an elf, in a epic sci-fi adventurer!
Hey everyone. Still looking for another player! Any takers?
Took has just found and powered his new elfen tech rifle and is ready to kill some orcs and men, Erindor has just found a huge crystal and had a vision of an ancient fight between  a dragon with the aid of a heroine elf versus a chaos demon. (He hasn't shared the vision with anyone yet and may be trying to keep the huge crystal a secret) There is a rift within the party after Wrech needlessly tortured a man that was willing to tell us everything he knew. Fiona is actively working against her main goals because she is shocked by how cruel elfs can be. Doctor Brown has successively repaired his cybernetic lungs in a painful surgery/repair. He also cleared off the party's Humvee's and the helicopter of gps trackers that we stole from a large human force known as Pioneer. They are searching for all elven tech and shot the group's spaceship up and forced them to eject and be stuck on this world and are actively hunting us to make sure we don't get any elfen tech.
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Tonight runs anothe Stellar Winds gamr! Come and join us!
Still have one spot open
Still have one spot open