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Pathfinder AP: Jade Regent, interest check. Important details inside.


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I'm currently putting out feelers to find some exceptional Pathfinder players interested in a full-length campaign running the Jade Regent adventure path, one I quite like. The important details are that I can currently run on either Thursdays or Saturdays, 7PM EST or later. Skype is how we do things. I'd like, if possible, that anyone interested have run at least some of the first book of Rise of the Runelords. Sounds specific, but being familiar with the few important NPCs makes everything much easier. I'm looking for players who are great roleplayers, not min-maxers and powergamers. This is a very NPC-driven game, so people who enjoy lots of in-character stuff will shine. I don't need someone using a Wizard to break every encounter or +40 to Diplomacy at level 1. Outside of that, I'm a pretty lax dude. We can work with 3rd party stuff as long as it's not ridiculous. We can flesh out some interesting stories and character concepts. I'm especially interested in working out some homebrew overhauls to game systems like economy, trading, caravan combat and management, etc. I've got lots of content prepared to flesh the adventure, and plan to take everything at a leisurely pace without rushing. If any of that sounds like your cup of tea, hit me up on Skype at Askren- or via PM. We'll talk.
Would homebrews be excluded?
I don't know what you mean by that...homebrew races and classes? No, sorry. My policy for 3rd party is getting more lax, but I still like to keep things official if possible.
Fair enough then. I'll look through some third party things, and ask you about any particulars.
I probably should have adressed this in my original post. 3rd party classes? Sure, I'll talk. 3rd party races? No, please. Core races only unless there's an extreme circumstance. This is a philosophy thing, but seriously, if you're reaching for things like an Aasimar to play, it's for min-maxing, so let's just leave it out.
Will things from the Advanced Players Guide be allowed?
APG has the core races in it, so yes. Advanced RACE Guide, you mean? I'd have to say no, since there's too many problem races in there to knock them off one by one, and seriously why do people insist on playing monster-races?
Just so you know, most people who are into the min-maxing choose humans for their race. As for why people insist on playing monster races? A lot of people get tired of the core only. I personally prefer playing the core races, but insisting people only choose non-core races for min/mix purposes is faulty. Probably should have included your creation guidelines in your first post to keep those filthy non-core race lovers from asking about playing. I personally don't understand the hatred for non-core races, but I guess I haven't played with terrible players.
Let's keep this civil, hey? It's just an interest thread. By the way, bump. I'm still talking to people, nothing set in stone yet, so plenty of room for those who may be interested.
I sent a PM to you last night but im guessing you didnt see it, what are the homebrew rules you were talking about and are you gonna be rolling for stats or using a point buy?
Ive played through the majority of the Rise of the Runelords and have been playing 3.5 ever since due to lack of available groups. Thursdays are a perfect day and time if this gets off the ground.
John T. said: I sent a PM to you last night but im guessing you didnt see it, what are the homebrew rules you were talking about and are you gonna be rolling for stats or using a point buy? My bad. Mostly overhauls I wrote up for all of the Caravan rules, economy and trading, and combat with relation to caravan encounters. Possibly some selections from Rite Publishing's book Heroes of the Jade Oath, with a lot of asian-flavored combat stuff. Nothing that fundamentally changes anything about how characters are made or run. I don't rolls stats, 20 point buy.
Askren, I sent you a PM last night about being interested. Caravan stuff is awesome. I like that you can have the different paths that you can take and it changes the whole game. When you preparing for a trip you really have to prepare, because with a role of the dice you could be stuck for days or even weeks. Or even having your caravan destroyed.
Gonna kick this up to the top to remind anyone who hasn't already added me on Skype to talk to do so, because I want to make sure I get a chance to talk with everyone one-on-one to go over some details. Again, Skype name is Askren-

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Bump. Still looking for interested parties.
Sent PM and Skype Wednesday
PM, yes, Skype not that I saw.
It appears the dash after your name is important :-) Resent Skype
Hello, I'm Michael Henson, I have 2 years of pathfinder experience & a history steeped in high fantasy. I will be playing a Human Gunslinger named Faelron. My skype is live:michaelthenson DESCRIPTION: Gold-flecked Sea Green eyes look out from beneath ear length, blue-black hair. A slim six foot frame, you would guess around 160 lbs, is wrapped in a blood-red cloak that ripples in the wind. He wears charcoal-grey clothing with black half-gloves & calf-high boots, the gloves, you assume, to keep his fingers nimble to operate the intricate Wheel Lock Musket strapped along his back. As he turns, you notice a cut down backpack beneath his musket, made of a black leather that you can't quite identify. As he turns he begins to speak, but you hear no words, for you are lost in the lyrical sound of his voice. You can tell that he will be a valuable addition to your party from the voice alone, but then there is the musket, & that beautiful mane of hair. 'Yep' you think to yourself. Gotta have him for this adventure. HISTORY: Faelron is a ghost, not in the monstrous sense, but in the sense that no one knows anything about him. He woke up sitting in a back alley, his musket clenched in a death grip, & looters closing in on the man they thought dead. he had no memory, just a tattoo on his inner right arm saying, Faelron. He fought off the looters with the musket he inextricably knew how to use, relying almost purely on muscle memory. Since that day, 3 years ago, he has fought with mercenaries in Arcadia, dueled knights from Andoran, and meditated with monks, all the while seeking his past, & what it means for his future. ROLE IN THE PARTY: H e can provide limited healing capabilities, (BUT NOT ENOUGH TO REPLACE A CLERIC!!!) & a medium ranged powerhouse, he can, at level 3 do a variety of useful things like blast open locks, move objects by shooting near them, & stop allies bleeding. he is a general powerhouse & you would not BELIEVE what he can do at higher levels. I would love to join you tomorrow, it would be a blast, here is his character sheet. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
also, I ran the Rise of the Runelords campaign as a G.M. so I'm pretty familiar with the NPC's.