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How to make a Custom Random Table to roll on

So, I'm looking for a how to guide or resources to use to make one. I'm trying to make something like a Wild Magic table or random Crit/Critmiss table. I would like to be able to have it roll a random item from the list and output the information on the item into the chat. And if it can, make any die rolls that an item might cause when it happens. For ex. If an item causes an effect that requires a d6 rolled to see how effective it is, a d6 will be rolled and the result will also be displayed in the chat output. Any help would be very welcome. GF
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I'm sad to inform you that this is actually impossible in roll20, unless youre a Pro subscriber, with access to API scripts or custom character sheet. You can make a rollable table with different entries, and roll on that table with a macro. But that table cannot contain its own dice rolls, trigger rolls on new tables, or resolve conditional effects of any sort. So this part is doable: "I would like to be able to have it roll a random item from the list and output the information on the item into the chat. " The rest is not.
Pat S.
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Take a read of this Interactive tables as a handout  as this might help you on your quest.
You're a pro subscriber. You can do this with The Aaron's Recursive Tables script. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> The post mentioned above I did. The one change, that that video post mention is needing to use&nbsp; !&amp;#13;. That's no longer the case, you should now be able to the ` character to do this now.
Thanks, fellow humans :) I'll check these things out soon. But I have a game in an hour that needs prepared for first! GF
If you have plenty of time and an aptitude for math, and you want to make a table that acts like a table that rolls further tables, you can draw up all possible outcomes of the table of tables, work out their probabilities of occurring, and write just one single table that has all possible outcomes as its entries, correctly weighted.&nbsp; Will be a great way to fill in some empty time!
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Of course that approach doesnt work if you ever want to use modifiers on the table (the biggest and most baffling weakness of roll20's Rollable Tables).
Thats why you make multiple copies of the table, and adjust the results to weight in the possible modifiers !&nbsp; Think of all the time it'll take to set it all up!&nbsp; At some point, maybe just using a /roll command and looking up the table in your own rule book is in fact the best solution.