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5E Dungeon Masters Guide (core book)

Still missing core book for D&D the Dungeon Master Guide. Any word on if or went we will be getting this?
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The Devs are absolutely working on D&D 5th Edition content. Their goal is to release products (both new and backlist titles) on a regular basis. As a part of their licensing agreement, they can’t reveal specifics until they're closer to completion and with the agreement of the licensor (in this case Wizards of the Coast).  They will make those announcements here on the forums, as well as the  blog ,  twitter , and via their mailing list (if you’re not signed up for that, you can join  here ). Several posts [ 1 ][ 2 ] have definitely indicated that the DMG is slated for future release, but no time frame has been given.
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To further expand on what Keith said, our MO is that we don't release a book until we're able to properly support its features in the app in a way that is AWESOME. We're pushing out Xanathar's in January as we'll have Charactermancer leveling support to back it up, and then our eyes will be examining other targets :)