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iPad Pro and City of Mist

The character sheets seem to be broken on any mobile device. The cards will flip when you click “flip card” but only show the back of the card. Tested on iPhone and iPad Pro using both Safari and Chrome. Any suggestions?
Forum Champion
I'll let the dev team know that you are having some issues.
Roll20 Team
Hello Dan, Could you explain exactly what you are running into? From the picture there seems a number of things that could be wrong (blank cards, backward text, etc.). Additionally, are you able to reproduce this in a new game and on the Firefox app?
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Basically the cards seem to not be showing the “front side” but when you hit flip card, it’ll show the back side of the card correctly. This happens in the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox apps on the iPhone and iPad but work correctly in Chrome on a MacBook (similar problem in Safari on the MacBook though).