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Mutant Year Zero ark sheet

Hey, just started playing Mutant Year Zero and the character and ark sheets are great - but there is one issue with the ark sheet. It has a description box, but when you enter text it disappears upon close. Is there anyway to fix that easily?  Thanks!
Andreas J.
Sheet Author
It's likely that the specific description box doesnt have a proper attribute name it saves the text to, easy fix if that's the case to submit a correction the the offical sheet repository. Could you say exactly where this desc box is on the sheet, and what it's name or association? Makes it easier to hunt down relevant section in the code then.
Hey Andreas J., thanks for the quick reply! It is on the Ark Sheet, large box, top right. Titled "Description". Not hard to see, the Ark Sheet is pretty simple with only a few fields. Thank You!
Andreas J.
Sheet Author
Yeah, I found the textbox in the code , and it was missing a name. I'll submit a fix shortly.

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Andreas J.
Sheet Author
Pull Request submitted . It's likely that the fix will be approved and finally merged tomorrow or on Wednesday(considering there is a small backlock from the holidays). The text in the box will save into an attribute named "general-desc" in the future.
Cool, Thanks Andreas J.
Andreas J.
Sheet Author
Did it work?
Yup, just tested and it seems to be working.