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[DnD 3.5 Diana P Character Sheet] Issue with ability command buttons


Edited 1546922511
Hello, I have recently been attempting to make a spellbook of sorts for my players using calls to repeating elements in the spells tab of the character sheet. Here is an example: /w player [Test](~player|@{repeating_spells12_$0_spellcast12}) Instead of outputting a button which can then output the spell, I just get the spell itself with no button at all. Is there a solution or workaround for this?
Diana P
Sheet Author
Sorry about that, it looks as though I missed a change that was implemented to sheet roll buttons to allow that kind of behavior.  Basically while they are type=roll, I missed that I needed to make them name ="roll_xxx" instead of ="attr_xxx" as well.  I'll fix those and get it sent to GitHub as soon as I can.  I can't promise it will make it into this weeks pull, however.
Okay, thanks.