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There needs to be a way to rate players and DMs, especially paid DMs

I absolutely loathe the introduction of the paid DMing. While I can understand that some people aren't as well off, and would like to create a way for themselves to pay for books-modules-maps-tokens so they can be a better DM, too many people use it to actually make money, and I feel it spits in the face of the spirit of D&D. My mini-rant aside, as a firm believer in capitalism, there needs to be a way to ensure that the market can weed out lousy service providers(DMs). That's why I suggest that there be a ranking system, akin to Angi's List or Yelp... Where Roll20 users can anonymously rate and comment on DMs and players alike. 
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Allowing people to ascribe a rating to other people is not something we really want on Roll20, even though I understand why it would be useful to weed out toxicity in peer-driven games like tabletop. We don't foresee this feature being on our radar for a long time, at least until we can figure out the ethical implications of it. This type of feature can and has been very easily abused before. On toxic users though, that is why our dev and mod team is here. We absolutely want to weed out toxic users and abusive users but rating is not the way to do that. Reporting toxic behavior is. Please report any users that violate our code of conduct and if you don't see a report button on the relevant interaction, please email us at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I hope you understand our firm stance on this. I'll be closing this thread and releasing your votes.