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How can download an image *from* my game?

Long story short: I have some images in a game on here that I don't have on my computer anymore. I'd really like to be able to download them again. Is there a way to do that? If there isn't, is there at least a way to set an image I already have uploaded as the game's picture?

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As far as setting a previously-uploaded image as the game's picture, nope, I've had to re-upload my campaign's image dozens of times. This would be a useful feature. In an attempt to prevent piracy, Roll20 has deliberately chosen to make it impossible to recover your own artwork made on Roll20's system for use outside the system. There are boring and tedious ways to get a usable image, but as it would be against the Terms of Service to describe them, I'll leave that as an exercise for the student.
I was afraid that would be the answer. The files are just sitting right there in my Roll20 file folder, just like they were when I uploaded them (I haven't done anything to the files inside Roll20), but they are now forever imprisoned.
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It is not impossible nor against terms of service. The procedure has been described many times on the forums, both by users and moderators. Place an image from your library on your table top. Press "Z" to get the preview. Right click to download it to your computer.
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As for using an image from your library as your games picture, it's not that it's against the rules. It's just that the system is not set up for it. Your library is designed to be used in-game. Your settings page is when you are logged out. Just download your image as described above and upload it to your game page.
Okay, thanks.
I stand corrected. Thanks for the info, keithcurtis! I've just used this technique to recover the full-resolution version of my logo, which is nice!
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You're welcome. Glad you could recover it. :)