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Custom Button Blank Styling Issue


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edit: solved I am making a custom button with blank styling. When the button is not hovered, it is faded out to gray, and when I hover, the color fills in.  Anyone have any ideas what can be done to sort out my code?    'Normal'  Hover Active

Edited 1547199839
Sheet Author
Try adding: background-image: none; box-shadow: none; text-shadow: none;
Sheet Author
API Scripter
You may need to increase the specificity of your CSS, I think several of the roll20 rules for buttons have classes in the selector. You can try button[type=roll].btn, for example. But really, check the inspector, it will tell you more :).
Aha! The issues were with the shadow on the box and text. I will keep an eye out for those as well as the Roll20 button rules. Thank you!