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Neceros sheet - pull buffs to macro bar

First of all I apologize if this has already been explained somewhere. I could not find any thread on the topic and it is not considered in the sheet's guide. Is there a way to just pull a buff from the buff list into the macro bar, as it can be done with attacks, saves, etc? Or to include the buff in a macro which I can then place in the macro bar? Background: I am playing a magus, who uses arcane strike (+2 damage) whenever he can, but his swift action will often be applied to something else. He also uses spellstrike (-2 to attack, but cast and attack in the same round) whenever possible, but he can't when he has to move as well. Moreover, his blade can add to its own damage sometimes... So, it is a bunch of buffs which change round by round. I could add three or four queries to my attack macros, but it would take a lot of time in my turn. If they are buffs, I can just select the ones applying to that attack, but then again, it would be much easier and faster to do it from the macro bar instead of from the sheet. There is the "row ID for macros", but I do not know how to use it. I have tried several options from my limited macro knowledge but to no avail. Thanks!
Sheet Author
You cannot drag/drop buffs since they aren't buttons.  However, you could use an API script like chatsetAttr to create a macro that can toggle your buffs. Insert the buff's row id for  ROW_ID  in the macro below. !setattr --sel --repeating_buff2_ ROW_ID _enable_toggle|[[1-@{selected|repeating_buff2_ ROW_ID _enable_toggle}]]
Thank you!