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How do you level characters?

My 5e players used Charactermancer to create their level 1 characters. They just hit 2nd level, so I'm ready for them to level up. I know that Charactermancer does not currently support leveling. What do we do? Is there a way for them to manually edit fields on the character sheet? I tried to click on Class to change it from Paladin 1 to Paladin 2, but it won't click. Can I go directly to an underlying attribute?  If so, will making that change force other issues like hit points, proficiencies, etc.? How have other players handled this? I guess I could have them just use Beyond to track their characters and then manually create dice macros for their attacks based on the leveling they do in Beyond... Please advise. Thanks
Andreas J.
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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;it support leveling now for everone
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The good news is that Charactermancer Level Up has now launched for all users. You are still limited by whether you are using the straight SRD Compendium, or have purchased the Players Handbook or Guilds of Ravnica (and soon, Xanathar's Guide!). You can find out what the current limitations are in this thread , as well as follow development news. Please direct any specific use questions within that thread. Not only will the devs see you more quickly, other users who may have similar problems can offer solutions or find answers as you do.

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When you hover over that top area where the name is you get a little gray cog in the box on the top right, you have to click that in order to be able to edit the level. But like people have said, charactermancer level up is live! Just go to the config tab (the one to the right of the Spells tab) and its on the bottom right!
I would suggest that even with the charactermancer working, it's probably worth yourself and your players learning how to build a character sheet up 'By Hand', otherwise you'll find yourselves quite restricted in the future.
Thanks all. I saw the announcement about 3 minutes after I created this post. I ha e successfully leveled their characters (some of them did it themselves!) Where can I find out about doing it ‘by hand’ just in case?
Andreas J.
Roll20 Production Team
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The 5E OGL wiki page &nbsp;contains info on the sheet and how to use it.