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LFP Buffy The Vampire Slayer Discord(Voice)

The hell mouth in Ohio is still open. Can the slayer and the scoobies manage to close it? Dedicated players needed. High RP and story. RP intensive.
Hi, there! Very interested. What day/time is the game?

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My friend and I have been searching for a Heavy Role-playing based game. we both provide voices and character's that are people, with vices, desires and personality. we love collaboratively creating and being a part of a story, and are interested in a narrative driven game. Both of us actually live in Ohio, and have been avid fans of the show since it's airing.  We're available on Fridays starting around 3pm EST or Thursdays after 9PM EST
Friday could be doable but keeping it open out of politeness
I am interested, but I'd need more information. Since you mention Slayer and the Scoobies, does this mean we'd be playing the cast from the show? Or can we make our own characters? My time-zone is GMT, so I'd need a time that isn't after midnight for me.
Original characters. Original story. I'm never gonna run on midnight GMT or EST lol. Still deciding.
Awesome. With Buffy RPG one is never too sure. I look forward to hearing from you when you know more about the group composition and what times are available.
Is there a proposed day/time yet?