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Improved Mozilla Firefox support

Hey, First of all I would like to thank the Roll20 Team and its Community for keeping up this great platform for roleplaying and that it is compatible on pretty much every browser. I would like to report that Mozilla Firefox is not as compatible as its Chromium-based counterparts, for example when you try to select the zoom tool on your left pane, on moving from it to select one of the numerical percentages they suddenly disappear, thus only the slider will allow a Mozilla Firefox user to zoom/unzoom the map. Perhaps other Firefox incompatibilities could lurk beneath, however I have only spotted this one so far.
A workaround with that issue is to hit the up or down arrow key when the list of zoom% is up, then press enter.
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Good workaround, Doug. I almost never use that method of zooming so hadn't noticed. Regardless, it is not the expected behavior, and I'll escalate. Thanks Operativ
Hi everyone, This is a known issue but I have made sure to add your information to the existing ticket. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hey, I'm dropping by again to mention that I've spotted another one of these issues. Namely, the reveal/hide fog of war does not work as intended, at least visually. When I hide a once revealed part of the map it has a different "colour" from the rest of the hidden map, and I am able to continuously hide the very same part making it appear darker and darker to the GM. Only resetting the fog solves the issue as a current workaround for Firefox. I've tried to clean the cache as well, but to no avail.
As this is a known issue in your original post and being worked on I'll be closing this thread.  Also Operativ, for your new observation there's also an existing thread regarding those issues.