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[WOTC] Xanathar's Guide to Everything Bug Report Thread


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Roll20 Team
Thank you for purchasing Xanathar's Guide to Everything! Please report any bug or game issues below.  Here is a quick FAQ based on past releases: I bought the compendium expansion. Now what? You can now see all Xanathar's Guide to Everything content in the Roll20 Compendium, both in app and on the site. For more information on how to use the Roll20 Compendium, check out the Compendium Wiki. What Character Sheet should I use? All Wizards of the Coast licensed content on Roll20 uses the D&D 5e by Roll20 Sheet. When creating a new Roll20 game that you intend to use with Xanathar's Guide to Everything, be sure to select the  D&D 5e by Roll20  as your Character Sheet in the Game Setup page for full compatibility. How do I access the Roll20 Charactermancer for this content? For all things Charactermancer, please check out the Charactermancer Wiki. For any Charactermancer bugs, please report them on the Charactermancer Bug Thread. For any content specific issues (War Mage shouldn't have Two-Weapon Fighting!), please post those here. How do I access the Character Asset Pack? You will find the contents of the Character Asset Pack in your Roll20 art library. You can quickly find them in your art library under Premium Assets >> Marketplace Purchases >> Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Character Asset Pack. You can pull the tokens and art directly to the game board, as well as drag any of the art directly onto your Character Sheet by clicking EDIT on the Bio & Info tab and dragging art directly onto the AVATAR section. How do I access the introductory adventure? To access the Underworld Speculation module, go to the Create New Game page, and select this module in the 'Optional: Choose a Module' section on the right. What's Compendium Sharing and how do I use it? Go beyond manual sharing by activating Compendium Sharing in the games of your choosing. This option allows you to automatically share all the contents of your purchased Roll20 compendiums (rule books, bestiaries, etc) with the players in your game. It also unlocks all of your Charactermancer supported features for your players. To activate Compendium Sharing, navigate to Game Settings and set Share my compendium with players? to YES. Limits apply and are outlined in the Compendium Sharing wiki. I am only able to help with Xanathar's Guide to Everything content via this thread. Thanks so much for helping us get bug reports to the right teams! Current Xanathar's Guide to Everything Known Issues: Barbarian - Path of the Zealot: The bonus rage damage is added to your sheet and is checked, but sometimes won't be added to your damage roll. Uncheck and re-check the damage modifiers to get them to apply. Fighter - Arcane Archer: Arcane shot damage modifiers will not update with increased damage at level 18. Fighter - Samurai: Elegant Courtier will not allow you to choose between Intelligence or Charisma saving throws if you already have proficiency in Wisdom saving throws. (also applies to Gloom Stalker), Monk - Way of the Kensei: Currently, Kensei Weapons does not allow you to select a weapon type from a list, instead you type in the weapon types manually. This will not add proficiency in these weapons. Better support for this feature should be coming in a future update. Rogue - Scout: Initiative gets set for advantage, but the advantage does not roll. Warlock - Celestial: Divine soul: will not support replacing divine magic spell (still can be replaced manually). Prodigy feat - does not offer the options to select the skill, language, and tool proficiency or expertise. General: Stacking multiple initiative modifiers (like War Wizard and Swashbuckler) only applies one of them. General: If you change an attribute changes manually (not via the Charactermancer), skill bonuses gained from subclasses won’t update. Spells: Some spells may not roll damage correctly - This should be fixed by Wednesday (1/16). Any reports of strange spell behavior after this time are appreciated. Spells: Toll the Dead - Choosing damage dice in a spell is currently not supported. Spells: Ice Knife - Does not prompt for higher level cast due to secondary damage being the escalated die. Currently investigating. Related Charactermancer Known Issues When a character sheet is popped out, the Charactermancer Creator won't complete, and the Level Up cannot proceed past the Features slide. Please use Charactermancer when the window is not popped out.
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Now all I need is the DMG and I will be setup pretty on Roll20! :D Thanks for all the hard work!
Great! Thanks! I tried to create a game using the Underworld Speculation module but there is no image for the game.
Roll20 Team
Sr. K - If you create a new game is it having the same error? Thank you :)
@Ice Knife - The cold damage from Ice Knife doubles in damage as well on a crit in your version, but it shouldn't, since that part is tied to a save. @Dragon's Breath - Dragon's Breath lists a range of touch (which is required for the casting of the spell), but also rolls the damage. The damage is dealt in a 15ft cone. Wouldn't it be wise to have that 15ft. cone in the description somewhere?
Trivia said: Sr. K - If you create a new game is it having the same error? Thank you :) No, now it's solved. Thanks!
Roll20 Team
Hi Coen! Dragon Breath has had its range updated, please let me know if that is helpful. I am checking in with dev on how to best handle the damage for Ice Knife, this is the first spell that has had those specific usages, so the secondary damage isn't treated differently. We may not currently be able to handle exclusions to critical damage, etc. 
Roll20 Team
Coen - In order to make the spell no longer show crit damage on the secondary damage of Ice Knife, you may do the following (or request your players to do so): Set the CRIT field of the secondary damage to 0 to make it output no damage on a crit

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@Trivia - Oh yeah, I know that and did that in my own version before Xanathar's was available. Just wasn't the case for your version yet.
Only issue I have is, I bought the compendium and the Game Settings doesn't show up on my game (that I'm a player on) to share the content with my friends.

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I believe you need to be the creator of the game to share your compendium purchases on it: Purchasing Compendium Expansions
Yeah, looks that way. Wiki is poorly worded, but ohh well. I'll gift it to the GM instead.
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That was the first page I grabbed. This page (linked from the first link) describes it more fully. If you need to seek a refund or have trouble gifting, contact team@roll20,net. Compendium Sharing
The spell Tidal Wave from Xanathar's Guide to everything is also on a Sorcerer spell list, but the spell in the Roll20 compendium only lists Druids and Wizards as classes able to cast it.
Roll20 Team
Daniel - Thanks! That spell has been updated to add in Sorcerer :)
Just a heads up, Primal Savagery cantrip is listed as acid damage in the description!
Just making a Sorcerer, and when selecting Chaos Bolt in the Charactermancer, I don't get the description of the spell, I just get prompted to buy Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica. The same happens when searching for the spell on the Compendium. I can still add the spell and use it, as I have XGTE and it's included there, but figured I'd report the prompt for Ravnica in the Charactermancer over XGTE.
Roll20 Team
Anthony - Acid has been added to the damage for Primal Savagery Inkcharm - Thanks for that report, it should be fixed now! :)

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I don't seem to be able to access any of the Xanathar's compendium content in my game on the development server, and I wasn't sure if that was by design or if I was missing a setting.  I have access to the Xanathar items in my art library (and man, that's a great bonus!  Thank you!), and I can access stuff in games on the production server, but if I search for something in my development server games, it doesn't show up. I am the game's creator, and Xanathar's Guide was purchased with my own account.  I also have compendium sharing turned on for  the development server game, and I tested it in a new game I created on the development server with the same results.  Apologies in advance if I just totally missed something stating that Xanathar's isn't available on the dev server.
Roll20 Team
Hi Sarah - We currently do not carry the history of purchases from users into the Dev server. The intended use of the Dev server is not for standard play but testing features and giving early access to Pro users like yourself. Having the PHB (or any other Marketplace content) temporarily on the Dev server is intended to give a sneak peek into the possibilities of the Charactermancer, but will not be permanently available. That being said, thank you for reporting that you would like to be able to access this content on the Dev Server! That's helpful for the team to know.

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Gotcha!  Thanks for that answer, Trivia.  It makes perfect sense.  I can always just copy over to production. 

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Devin E. said: Did this not add any backgrounds to Charactermancer? I'm still only able to choose Acolyte. I bought it believing it would add more because the prefab characters have the backgrounds. If you have purchased any of the supported Compendiums, you should have the backgrounds from it available. I don't believe that Xanathar's Guide had any new backgrounds in it, though.