[Script] Summon Monster (Improved)


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Hey Guys, I have a summoner in my pathfinder campaign and found Brandon's summoning script a bit lacking. I've edited and improved on this with the help of Brian. You will find it to be perfect for Druids and Summoners or anyone who can summon monsters really! Usage: 1. Select token you want the monster to appear next to. 2. In chat, type "!summon (name of monster) (number of monsters)" without brackets or quotation marks. 3. By default the monster will take up a 5x5 ft square (medium or small creature). To summon larger or smaller creatures add a letter to the end of the message: F= Fine, D = Diminutive, T= Tiny, L = large, H = Huge, G = Gargantuan, C = Colossal. 4. The name of the monster must be in your character sheet list with an image that you have uploaded. Examples: 1. !summon eagle 2. !summon eagle 2 3. !summon eagle 1d3 4. !summon eagle 1d3+1 5. !summon cave troll 1d3+1 H https://gist.github.com/GM-King/9544706 Good luck, King
Alex L.
Sheet Author
the default token doesn't look to be accessible at this time from what i can tell.
The image must be in your personal library to work, as the API is limited to only reaching into that. It can't access marketplace or random images on the internet.
Updated to a more robust code.
Updated to include summon multiple monsters using a hard value or roll with modifier.
I like this, but how do I make it look up the token image instead of the avatar? In my game, like the names suggest, avatar graphics are like portraits, whereas token graphics look like character tokens. does this make sense?
Yes, unfortunately due to the limitations of Roll20 it will only be able to source the Avatar image. You must replace the avatar picture with the token image which must be in your Roll20 library ie. non-marketplace.
Ack, but I put so much work into making the avatar images distinctive and snazzy! Okay, thanks. I'll see what I can do with this.
Outside of removing sendChat(msg.who, "Summons " + amount.toString() + " " + inputName + "!"); is there a means of making it a silent summon? Or toggle the announcement on/off. I have a mind to use this to populate random encounters as it does seem able to lend itself to this.
I've added a line of code (line 32). var GM = ""; Edit it to look like this if you want announcement off: var GM = "/w gm "; Please note this is case sensitive and it must have the space after gm.
Updated code to allow for monsters that have more than one word names eg. Cave Troll as opposed to just Troll.
King, do you know of any way to make the createObj "graphic" use the default values for the token that's linked to the character object instead of creating them and specifying the token values in the script? The issue being token size - the script summon's everything in as a 5'x5' (70x70) even when the character for the monster is linked to a token that has a different value. This forces manual resizes every time the summon is used for a large or huge sized creature. But I don't know of any way to reference the value for the token size that's tied to the character object. I thought you might.
Unfortunately not Jeremy. The default value for the characters is 0 and roll20 will not let you access the default token values :( Having said that, I have added a functionality to the current script to allow for the addition of a letter after your message that will modify the size of your creature. Specifically: F = Fine, D = Diminutive, T= Tiny, L = large, H = Huge, G = Gargantuan, C = Colossal. Eg. !summon cave troll 1d3+1 H
King, thanks for updating the script. That's an excellent solution to the problem. I didn't realize that the token attributes weren't referable, I just thought it was something I didn't know.