!!!Lights - Cameras - VIOLENCE!!! KILL SECTOR: AN ENDLESS UNIVERSE OF GLADIATORIAL MAYHEM KILL SECTOR: A WORLD OF BE-ANYTHING, ALL-BARRELS-BLASTING COMBAT AND DESTRUCTION KILL SECTOR: THE ONLY SYSTEM WHERE A CURSED DOLL, A MISSILE-LAUNCHER-TOTING SENTIENT DUCK, A CHAINSAW-WIELDING LUMBERJANE-SLASH-HITWOMAN, AND A SPACEMAN WITH AN INVISIBLE WHIP AND SICK FLAMEJOB ARMOR CAN JOIN FORCES AGAINST RADIOACTIVE WRESTLERS AND THREE-HEADED RAPTORS WITH GUNS KILL SECTOR: A BIG, BLOOD, SPACE, UH... &nbsp; *ahem*... Alright,&nbsp;well, you get the picture. The System Kill Sector is a two-fisted sci-fi gladiatorial RPG with a huge focus on creativity and accessibility. You and your buddies make weird sci-fi/fantasy characters using our point-buy system, then team up in an arena (or similar situation) to fight hordes of bad guys as the narrative evolves around the combat, much like an action movie or pulpy comic book. Our point-buy system is chunky and open-ended. We provide a broad menu of character options (called functions) which you can either use wholesale or remix to suit your tastes. If the thing you want isn't in there, you can find something similar and extrapolate how to modify it by looking at other functions. We've seen hundreds of unique characters during our playtest phase - blood-powered cybernetic vampire aliens, mech-piloting lava-spewing demonoid shape-shifters, happy-go-lucky golems wielding double-ended jackhammers, time-travelling giant robots powered by the remnants of the Liberty Bell, teleporting assault lighthouses with undead-melting spotlights - the list goes on and on. The characters described at the start of this post were actually the first party that went through the scenario I'm bringing to the table now. Each character is not only narratively unique but mechanically unique as well, offering an endless array of possible play styles. Character creation is straightforward, and only takes about half an hour, even with people completely new to the roleplay hobby. The Scenario You have been invited among others to inaugurate the creation of the mega-satellite-arena known as the Killsphere-I. The Killsphere was created by the mysterious people of Zire, little-known cloning researchers who largely keep to themselves. You'll be pitted against adept warriors from across the cosmos. Shall you become victorious, tales of your fighting prowess shall ring through the halls of Killsphere-I for years to come. Of course, the session will be very combat-oriented, but there will be room for roleplay - with bloodsport comes showmanship, presentation, and personality. If you've ever wanted to feel like a professional wrestler, this is the place to live out that kayfabe fantasy, and then some. This will be a one-off session, meaning the narrative will begin and end in a single session. Kill Sector is built for exactly this format of play - character creation is quick and simple, even if you're new to it. Ideal Players Any and all stripes of roleplayers are welcome, regardless of TTRPG experience. As long as you're here to have fun and get along, we'll all have a good time. Violence will, of course, be described, but largely in a cartoonish, silly way - any description of blood, gore, et cetera will be of that general tone. Kill Sector is, by default, a combat-heavy system - although there will be story beats outside of battle to express your characters, a good chunk of the roleplay will come in the form of gladiatorial theatrics. A lot of the storytelling comes from being&nbsp;presented a problem and attempting to resolve it with whatever resources you and the party may have. If you love a good scrap, this is the game for you. For any given session, I would want to take in between 3 and 5 players. I will, however, be running this scenario on repeat, so if you can't fit into one session, we can simply start another. Additionally, the scheduling will be very flexible - once we get a crew assembled, we can quickly figure out what time within the next week or two works best for us. Keep in mind that your GM (me) lives in the EST time zone. Contact If you're interested, leave a comment here, PM me, or email me at <a href="mailto:noahjeadie@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">noahjeadie@gmail.com</a> . Let me know vaguely what days and/or times you'll be available within the next couple weeks for a four-hour chunk of time. From there, I can provide a link to the rulebook's drivethruRPG page, we can talk shop about your character, and we can get a group put together. Looking forward to playing with you folks!