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Choose option when handing out cards from infinite deck

I am starting to use decks for my items (consumables) in my 5e game. I built my decks as infinite, but if I (for example) give Player A a Potion of Healing, the card is then gone from the deck and I can't give one to Player B. I am using the Choose Cards option rather than Deal, as I want to choose  the item to give to the player. Is this working as intended, or am I doing something wrong?

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Hmm, I dont know what the intended functionality is, but the simple workaround is several infinite decks, one of healing potions, one of small puppies, and one of bags of salt (or what ever items you wish to have available) Having said that, I am pretty sure the deck is supposed to work the way you think, if you set it up right.  I can't check right now though.
The Aaron
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If I remember correctly, it goes through all the cards in a random order, then goes through them all again in another random order. Like stacking an infinite number of copies of the same deck (each uniquely shuffled) on top of each other. In that way, the distribution of cards is maintained for any given iteration of the deck. 
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I think you can copy/paste a card in play as well and give it to other players.
Thanks for your replies everyone! I've found so far if I play the card to the table, it stays in the deck. But if I play it directly to a player's hand, it goes away. I guess for now I'll play to the table and just tell the player to pick it up... The Aaron - you have posted your thoughts around the deck's behaviour before and they mirror what you said in this thread; the deck generates infinite random versions of itself, but not of the cards themselves. I'm going to post a bug report about the behaviour and see what the Roll20 team says.
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If there is different behaviour between playing to the hand and the map, that's definitely a bug.
GiGs said: If there is different behaviour between playing to the hand and the map, that's definitely a bug. I just tested real quick: 1. Choose card and deal to table - card remains in deck 2. Choose card and deal to player - card disappears from deck Workarounds:  1. Shuffle deck 2. Play card to table and player and recall card from table