Greetings! Today we pushed a major update with a number of exciting features and enhancements! New Features The&nbsp; Get a New Look &nbsp;update is a major overhaul of Advanced Fog of War and brings Animations to the VTT! Check out the full announcement for details! You can upload an animated file (such as a .webm, .gif, or .mp4) to your game to be used in a map, as a token, or in a handout. Most video file types are supported. For optimal results, we recommend .webm encoded with VP8. We're very excited that several prominent Roll20 Marketplace creators got content ready for this release! Please check out their work shortly. Advanced Fog of War has been overhauled with a number of performance improvements. Performance improved by 50% for the majority of users who had been suffering poor AFoW performance.&nbsp;See the full announcement for a deeper dive into the metrics! The Feedback thread for Animations and AFoW is available here . The Dramasystem compendium is now live. Enhancements There's now a GM Layer Opacity setting in the layer selection menu. When setting up a page or in the default settings for a game, the Fog of War, Advanced Fog of War, and Dynamic Lighting menus now open/collapse to save screen real estate. In Advanced Fog of War, tokens owned only by the GM no longer reveal hidden areas. There's a page setting to change this back to the previous functionality. The Games list dropdown (used in your profile, your campaign page, and the&nbsp; Looking For Group tool ) has been updated to reflect the current most-played games. An important (but not exclusive) criteria for what exists in the games list as a drop down is whether or not there are enough games happening to have regular available search results within LFG. With that in mind, the changes are as follows: Added : Anime Campaign, Arcane Codex, Ars Magica,&nbsp; Astonishing Swordsmen &amp; Sorcerers of Hyperbore,&nbsp;Atomic Highway, Barbarians Of Lemuria, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Breakfast Cult, Brigandyne, Coriolis, Cortex Plus, D6, Degenesis, Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space, Dogs in the Vineyard, SAGA System, Eclipse Phase, DungeonSlayers, Earthdawn ( Any Edition ), Elite Dangerous Role-Playing Game, Fantasy Craft, Feng Shui, End of the World, Final Fantasy RPG: 3rd Edition, OVA, Yatzoid, Legend of the Five Rings, Old Dragon RPG, Ryuutama, Xeohelios' Fire Emblem Tabletop, Mythras, Hero System 6e, Harry Potter, Splittermond, Shinobi Gami, Halo Mythic Merged : Dragon Age and Fantasy Age into AGE System, Gamma World into Gamma World (Any Edition). Removed due to low activity : Mortally Bankrupt, The Fade, Strain, Marvel Saga, Fragmentos, Metal Adventures, Duty &amp; Honor, Cdb Engine, EratheConsortium, Rats in the Walls Incompetech audio has been updated with some new tracks. The My Games page &nbsp;now paginates to display your most recent 10 games on each page, with links at the bottom to navigate to older games. Documentation Release The Charactermancer developer documentation is now available on the wiki . If you're a character sheet author who's been waiting to add Charactermancer functionality to your sheet, check it out here. Please be sure to read the guidelines on what may and may not be included in a Charactermancer-enabled sheet. Character Sheet Updates Pathfinder: Charactermancer: Bug fix: when a Class is selected, Wealth roll is now immediately functional PC Sheet: Drop gear item from compendium: Slot is now filled if information present in the item Star Trek Adventures: PC/Crew/Ship task roll radio attributes (dice, complexity, targets etc. ) distinguished to avoid UI problems (selection of complexity or dice not being "kept" sometimes, for example) Rank selection refactor: optimization and rank updating automatically if applicable (known standard rank or empty) Roll templates now use translation (titles, and attributes/discplines etc.) Character creation and/or opening the sheet: if no attribute/discipline/system etc. are selected, select automatically the first one in each category and calculate roll accordingly Added&nbsp; names to roll buttons (for use in quickbar &amp; macro) Security roll fix: an updated value of security was only taken in account if the weapon damage was updated (not the other way around) Ship scale was not used when updating ship weapon damage Crew task roll using wrong attribute (ship roll) Changed NPC sheet Attribute and Discipline attributes to dedicated ones (rather than shared with the PC sheet, because of sheet workers triggers) Sheet workers optimizations PC and Ship weapon styling fix (for multilingual) Added missing translation strings on sheet settings (Crew, Power ...) CSS fix to roll buttons for Firefox CSS adjustments for french translation French translation updated The Dramasystem character sheet was released to support the compendium and is now available in the character sheet dropdown. Dungeon World has been updated to better support drag-and-drop in some moves; other moves lacking drag-and-drop will be fixed soon. Suggestions Addressed Get a New Look &nbsp;addresses several of the threads in the Suggestions Forum: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If you haven't read the road map, check it out&nbsp; here . Looking for previous release notes?&nbsp; Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the immediate previous note&nbsp; here . Also note that there will be a Community Roundtable today (January 29) at 2 PM PST .&nbsp;