Hey all! From the latest Release Notes (January 29, 2019) : The Games list dropdown (used in your profile, your campaign page, and the Looking For Group tool) has been updated to reflect the current most-played games. An important (but not exclusive) criteria for what exists in the games list as a drop down is whether or not there are enough games happening to have regular available search results within LFG. With that in mind, the changes are as follows: Added: Anime Campaign Arcane Codex Ars Magica Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperbore Atomic Highway Barbarians Of Lemuria Big Eyes Small Mouth Breakfast Cult Brigandyne Coriolis Cortex Plus D6 Degenesis Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space Dogs in the Vineyard SAGA System Eclipse Phase DungeonSlayers Earthdawn (Any Edition) Elite Dangerous Role-Playing Game Fantasy Craft Feng Shui End of the World Final Fantasy RPG: 3rd Edition OVA Yatzoid Legend of the Five Rings Old Dragon RPG Ryuutama Xeohelios' Fire Emblem Tabletop Mythras Hero System 6e Harry Potter Splittermond Shinobi Gami Halo Mythic Merged: Dragon Age and Fantasy Age into AGE System Gamma World into Gamma World (Any Edition) Removed due to low activity: Mortally Bankrupt The Fade Strain Marvel Saga Fragmentos Metal Adventures Duty & Honor Cdb Engine EratheConsortium Rats in the Walls