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A gif dropdown in the art tab


Edited 1549264150
So that I don’t have to upload all my animated tokens rather than simply finding them on the Roll20 art tab... It would be nice to have a filter in the art tab dropdown that forces only “Animated” tokens and maps to display.
Stephanie B.
KS Backer
Do you mean only animations? (Animations can be several file types, and are not stored on Roll20 as gifs). How would that work with, say, animated tokens? Which category would they be in?

Edited 1549264300
 That’s exactly what I mean. A drop-down menu option or filter that populates only animated tokens and images/maps. You know, so I don’t have to upload every single animated token and map I have. So I can search for them instead.
Stephanie B.
KS Backer
Right-- and what I'm asking is, if it's an animated token, do you see that as being in "animations" or in "tokens" for the drop-down? 
"Animations", of course.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
Thanks for the suggestion! After 30 days, Suggestions and Ideas with fewer than 10 votes are closed and the votes are refunded to promote freshness. Your suggestion didn't build the right momentum this time, but feel free to submit it again! We find that the best suggestions describe the problem you are having, and the solution you want. You can learn more about the process of making suggestions on the Roll20 Wiki! More details can be found here .