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[LFP][Pathfinder] Kingmaker - Seize your crown!


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Do you want to explore dangerous wildlands? Hunt vicious monsters and bandits? Create your own kingdom?? Welcome to The Stolen Lands, the long untamed southern border of Brevoy. In another attempt to better scout and perhaps even civilize the area, the Lord Mayor of Restov has issued charters for those with the bravery to take them into those wilds. Dare you try what so many before have failed at?  Kingmaker is a Pathfinder Adventure Path, focusing heavily on exploration and Kingdom Building. Eventually should you succeed you will start your own country and deal with all that entails. IF this sounds interesting to you I will be in need of 2-3 players to round out the group and begin playing soon. Game will be on Sundays starting at 1:00 PM and ending at 5:30 PM CST.  About me: I have GM-ed for nearly 13 years, started on D&D 3.5 although since I have greatly expanded my repoitore of systems. I have GM-ed professionally before, although this time is purely for fun. I voice act and will host games that might exceed anything you have experienced before.  About you: You don't have to write me a story, short simple answers are perfectly fine. Just trying to grab a few people who are interested to roll some dice who will fit the group best.  -What is your pathfinder and tabletop experience? -What is it you are looking for from this game? -What can you bring to the game? -What type of character do you normally play? -Preferred playstyle? -Any examples of past favorite TTRPG characters/moments?
Quick question, do you allow new players to pathfinder? Because currently I have about 3 hours experience with it...
depends on the player really. Do you have 3 total hours ttrpg experience? Are you the type to not have any clue how to play in a ttrpg or get the grasp of it pretty well, etc Don't care much if new as long as you aren't slowing down the game or taking a backseat and just wanting to be quiet and watch. Kinda need very active participants for this
-What is your pathfinder and tabletop experience? I've played Pathfinder/ D&D on and off for about 10 years. I usually lean towards homebrews. -What is it you are looking for from this game?  I miss playing.  I want to get back into an adventure its been a while. -What can you bring to the game? Teamwork, Sarcasm, Laughs, and the willingness to do Something over nothing even if that something gets us in trouble. -What type of character do you normally play?  As far as class my favorite is Rogue.  I tend to lean towards NG most of the time.  Personality wise they always differ.  -Preferred playstyle? I generally enjoy every part of pathfinder.  I will RP all day or Combat all day.  I enjoy them both equally. -Any examples of past favorite TTRPG characters/moments?  1.  I once played an LE Cleric and got him to level 10 without performing any combat. 2.  I had a Rogue who started his career seeking vengeance, but in the end, forfeited his chance for the greater good.  He or course was a duel wielding rogue that lost his left arm.  Then prayed to the gods for help and accidentally became a paladin.  (thats the very short version.)
-About 3 hours of playtime  3 days of learning the jist of it- never done a single homebrew, -Looking for a story leaning with a bit of combat sprinkled in here and there. -I can bring contradicting characters or serious characters that have comedic things happen to them! -I fill in what I can or what is needed, most used spellcasters in D&D but never tried pathfinder spellcasters. -Mostly try to rp but deal damage to get a point across in combat. -1.Played a rogue that didnt get hit a single time for about 4 sessions (and still going)  2. Played a sorcerer Tiefling who failed all his intimidation rolls and ended up bedding a half orc Fabio. No nsfw details were said but it made the group laugh and i was thus termed The Orc Layer
Some quick questions of my own for this game. What is the day and time of this game to happen? Shall we be rolling stats or point buy? Are there any classes/races off limits? -What is your pathfinder and tabletop experience? I have been both plaything and GMed pathfinder since 2013. All my experience on table top gaming have been over Roll20. -What is it you are looking for from this game? Mostly fun times with new people and hoping it will spring off to more long term games. -What can you bring to the game? I bring out of the box thinking, roleplay, and a sense of humor. I also make interesting character concepts, and don't like to min/max. -What type of character do you normally play? I usually try to play what ever role is needed to fill out the party. But as for a character "type" it varies as well. Sometimes I like to play the cleaver flirt or the brutish meathead. Really it depends on my mood and if I have played that character type in a long while or not. My favorite however is to play the charming rogue. -Preferred playstyle? I tend to like to focus more on story and out of combat situations. To me, I rather try to avoid combat if I can and find a different solution to the problem other then beat it over the head until it stops moving. Why kill the bandits when you can hire them and give them a better job? Combat can be fun yeah, but I see it as more as a last option thing. -Any examples of past favorite TTRPG characters/moments? I was playing as a Half-Orc barbarian, and the party's Paladin was being carried off by a weird winged toad deamon thing. While still in his rage, he picked up a ballista bolt and hurled it towards the fleeing creature. Even though I was getting penalties up the ass, and the creature was at the max throwing range, I managed to roll a NAT 20, killing the creature and saving the Paladin. The fall the Paladin suffered was a different story, but he managed to walk away from it. My rogue was told by a wizard he would grant him a discount on some magic daggers, giving them for free. However, he would need to slap the mayor's mother in front of everyone before the end of her dinner speech. Agreeing to it, while at the dinner party, he managed to sneak away and use some illusion magic to appear as an elderly woman. Interrupting the speech, he proceeded  to accuse  the mayor's mother of being a harlot for sleeping with her (my) husband, and then slapped her in front of everyone. After being removed from the party, he managed to get back inside as himself, telling the guards the reason he left the hall was to puke in the bushes from drinking too much. They allowed him back in, and he continued to enjoy the party, and was two magic daggers richer the next day.

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I've played plenty of 5e, and am familiar enough with the rules of pathfinder that there wouldn't really be problems, just would like help with the character sheet perhaps. Exploring and kingdom building? Sounds fun, interested. What can I bring to the table?  Not a fan of tooting my own horn.  But if I had to say, I'll show up every session unless something weird happens, and I do my best to give good communication/planning/dialogue/cooperation/decision making.  The type of character I normally play has been frontline combatants, typically because that's the role that is left open, I'm not picky.  Open to trying something else out or sticking with the classics.  Personality wise, the characters were generally level-headed people with either good intentions or ambition. Preferred Playstyle?  Open to everything except doing the broody, edgy, or chaotic stupid characters (and stick with playing guy characters, can't do the voice needed for female, and I don't really see a reason).  Combat/stat-wise, down for anything , though if all roles are open/anything goes, I'd go with either a frontline beefy boi (had a fun experience with cavalier mounts, and am comfortable playing frontlines by now and they're still pretty fun), or maybe a smooth talker/spy/investigator/or a summoner even Favorite moment/character? Split between the Turdis and El Toro, Turdis was a brick outhouse with arms and legs, and on the inside the walls were lined with supercomputers and portals to different locations/times.  It was the supervillian. Its weakness was being defecated in.  El Toro was a minotaur luchador, who was always in character, made for a lot of fun Would like to know more if ur available, shoot me a message here or at RizaVortivask #3808 on discord
-What is your pathfinder and tabletop experience? Been playing TTRPG's since the early 90's, started on AD&D and moved forward through versions from then on. Majority of my play and DM time likely went to D&D 3.5 though once Pathfinder came out I jumped ship and never looked back. Played and ran in a few other systems but nothing for more than a year or two, notwithstanding a 3 year long Mutants and Masterminds homebrew I ran. -What is it you are looking for from this game? A chance to play Pathfinder again, as the last few years before my regular gaming group dissolved I was pretty much the only one willing to run games. -What can you bring to the game? A fairly laid-back attitude, willingness to help other players with rules or other things they don't understand about the system. A low maintenance presence at the table that tries to help other characters stay engaged with the story and not let them fade into the narrative background. -What type of character do you normally play? Honestly just about anything. I usually am the last one in the group to make a character so no one feels pressured to fit a particular role in the group. When I don't need to shore up gaps in the party dynamic I tend to favor skill or social based archetypes though the Pathfinder classes I'm most familiar with are spellcasters or other heavy "moving parts" builds. -Preferred playstyle? Narrative driven over combat/action driven. I don't mind combat or skill challenge based runs in a game, but roleplay tends to be more important to me than "rollplay". -Any examples of past favorite TTRPG characters/moments? I was running a homebrew set in and around the Mana Wastes. The party was in pursuit of a powerful wizard(an Abjuration specialist) who they had encountered many times before who always had layers of contingencies (spell and otherwise) in place for his plans failing. I'd built the character to be a sort of "Bond villain" prone to monologuing and absently petting his cat familiar while the party navigated a trap or encounter with the wizard's minions. Toward the end of the campaign the group's gunslinger(a Mysterious Stranger variant) had developed a hateful obsession with the wizard, seeing every set back as somehow part of his plan. He'd picked up a set of bullets enchanted to be Magical Beast bane during a hunt for a Mutated Advanced Bullette and used most of them in the process. I hadn't given it much thought until the gunslinger started aiming at the wizard during one of his many speeches. The wizard already had Bullet Ward up so he wasn't concerned at all. Gunslinger declares he's using Deady Aim. Alright. Also using Dead Shot and Focused Aim. Fine, waste some Grit. Round ends and gunslinger tells me "I shoot his cat." I just stared at him for a minute, the rest of the players did the same. "You what now?" "I shoot his cat." Rolls his dice, level 16 so four attacks. Hits all of them, crit threat on one, confirms. Damage is...well, I'm sure you get the picture. Gunslinger turns and walks away. After a few seconds the rest of the party followed. Cleric asks the gunslinger why they shot the cat. "Well, I knew I couldn't shoot him. Figured I could try for the cat. Turns out it worked. Bet he's going to be pretty upset about it, maybe he'll come after me for revenge. Which is great. Let's see how much he likes chasing someone across the damn world." "I shoot his cat" became an inside joke for the group and still gets a chuckle 6 years later.
Hey, my name is Nick. I enjoy all games not just Table top. I often play many different types of RPGs, so I love the idea of building and maintaining a kingdom. I prefer to play underground loyal spy types, so most likely a rouge. All moments playing games with others are great moments. While i've only played a few sessions of pathfinder specifically I love D&D though. I hope you consider me as a member of the team.