Greetings! This morning's code push made the following change: Action buttons can now be used in repeating sections when creating a character sheet. See more details in the Character Sheets forum . Starfinder Sheet Changes: NPC chat menus now call the correct rolls. Additional changes have been made to NPC roll buttons to ensure rolls are calculated correctly Heavy Weapon Proficiency is now handled correctly Condition repeating section is now styled properly Condition handling automation no longer crashes Additionally, there were a number of hotfixes last week to address issues with the Get A New Look update. You can follow its progress in the official feedback thread as well. January 29 (Afternoon) Hotfix: Light sources without "Has Sight" turned on now shed light. This should resolve many of the issues reported. The default token now works properly. Deleting a token does not crash the VTT. AFoW now resets for players when the GM resets it; the player no longer needs to refresh. January 30 Hotfix: Fix AFoW crashing when loading some pages. Fix video popout when pressing 'z' with a token selected. Dynamic Lighting lines now draw beneath the grid instead of above it. Auras no longer render in the wrong location when a token is rotated. Auras will still draw when the radius is set to 0. January 31 Hotfix: Fixed the tutorial crashing on load Fixed the new GM Layer Opacity slider so it shows up for Free users as well as subscribers. If you haven't read the road map, check it out  here . Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the immediate previous note  here .