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Bar Location (bar 3 over token)

It seems like there was a recent update that changed the location of token bars. I haven't been able to find anything in any announcement regarding this, but they have definitely been moved up in relation to their corresponding token. I had previously been using Bar 3 as HP so that this bar would appear about its corresponding token and not be blocked by neighboring tokens. With this new update, HP bars are getting blocked by neighboring tokens  In lieu of moving tokens to back/front to view the HP bar, it would be great if we could reset the location of the bars to their previous locations. This would result in Bar 3 being located on top of its token.
Mike W.
Sheet Author
This was reported several times as a bug when Roll20 did a recent update on Jan 29.
Does anyone know if anything is being done to "reverse" this? Timeline? I agree with PapaWhiskey11 ... the new look is really annoying, and as a Pro subscriber, it's probably a deal-breaker going forward.
This is a known issue resulting from the recent update. You can find our Official Feedback Thread  here .  I've moved this to the appropriate forum and will be closing the thread.