Hello all! I have scoured the forums for help with this script, most posts have been closed automatically.. I have managed to fix some issues I was having, but I still continue to run into a problem when setting up the handouts for the languages. Example: I am attempting to copy and paste the "Celestial" language from  here.  Even though I paste it into a notepad from raw and then copy it over to the handout, it will not work (all translations come up as ???). The only way for me to use any of the pre-written languages is to copy each individual set of words within the brackets, and paste it into the template without disturbing any of the pre-generated letters/formatting. I've done a few this way and they work fine, but I'm sorta tired of the manual way and wondering what it is I'm doing wrong with the copy and paste. Here is what the handout looks like (I have swapped Celestial to be Ancient for my game purposes).  Any help on the issue is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.