Hi, my team and I use the Community contribute character sheet for 5e. I am trying to build a macro for spell slot tracking and want to include my party's monk's ki points as well. Based on the documentation found on the wiki (&nbsp; <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/DnD5e_Character_Sheet" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/DnD5e_Character_Sheet</a> &nbsp;) this should work with&nbsp; [[@{selected|repeating_classresources_1_ClassResourceTotal}]] | [[@{selected|repeating_classresources_1_ClassResourceTotal_max}]] in another forum topic I have found a suggestion to use repeating_classresources_$1_ClassResourceTotal instead with the dollar sign for rowid query. However, regardless of what I use the output in the chat is 1 | 1 regardless of what is entered into the cell on the character sheet. Please help me with this? I'm just learning macro use.