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Can you add SFX to dice roll results?

Hi All - I'm setting up a solo adventure for a friend who recently lost their vision and Roll 20 has everything we need so far to be able to do this. However, it would be EXTRA awesome if he can not only type in the command for rolling the dice, but if it can also read back the results to him. So my question is: Can you add custom SFX to dice roll results? My plan currently is to just tell him what his results are, but if there's a way we can make it work, that would be SO amazing! Thanks in advance!
There is a way to add sound effects to macros, but it involves a pro-subscription API - and then you'd need an API to relay the result into a voiceover/screenreader type announcement. Especially for rolls that are additive and come out to a number over 20...  That said, it's not impossible; it'd just take a bit of work and the right audio files, but with the new audio upload it might be more possible (uploading an audio file for each number and playing that file when it equals that number). To have it not conflict with a screen reader might be tricky. 
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I have several friends who are vision impaired (many of my API scripts were written to assist with disabilities, in fact). There are various screen readers available that make computer use ( including Roll20) easier. JAWS is one. If you have the time to assist your friend in learning one of them, it will pay dividends on Roll20 and the rest of their computer life.  If you do go the API, route, let me know what you need and I can try to help out. 
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What sort of computer do they use? I really am only intimately familiar with the Mac, but if there's a way to send Chat output to the clipboard or to some similar holding spot, it would be pretty trivial to set up a service to read that text aloud. It might be less trivial to add some filtering to that to strip out a lot of unneeded verbiage.
Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a donation-based screen reader, and if you can handle the Australian-accented voice, it's viable in Firefox. All that'd need to happen is for the chat box to be coded with "aria-live='assertive'" and "aria-atomic='true'" for new information to automatically announce...