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Rise of Tiamat - Well of Dragons Caldera map scale

In the "Note about Battle Map Scale" file, it states that the art is 20' with a single subdivision and that each Roll20 square is 5', but that's clearly wrong. The grid over the scale box is showing each square as being 10'. It appears that all the tokens have ended up being effectively 10' instead of 5' etc making the scale completely wrong. In theory this is fixable, but it'll take a long time to manually resize every token already on the map.
Dragon Dreamer
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Paul H., Thank you for providing us with this information. I have passed this information along to our devs.
Roll20 Team
Hi Paul - Thanks for reporting this! As the Caldera map has such a large scale, we recommend not using it for the actual encounters. I'll patch in a Roll20 Note to the module on my next patching pass.  For context, users have reported issues when tokens are .25 of a square, so we try to avoid this when making modules. This sometimes means that creatures on such large maps are not to scale. -Trivia

Edited 1550096981
Understood. I think the confusion is that the "Note About Battle Map Scale" has information that is inconsistent and says "No adjustments are needed for strategy accuracy." Knowing that the scale isn't right, I can handle this (even if it's just by approximating etc).
Roll20 Team
Paul - I totally get that! That is an oversight on our part for not making it more clear. On the Production side we all went to check for the note and it seems like it never made it in. Thanks again for the report :)