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Empty Character Sheets in my Journal

I posted this in December, got a single response, and then nothing else.  it is now closed so I am reposting I have a D&D 5E game that has a bunch of empty character sheets at the bottom.  I have tried Archiving them and deleting them but they continue to return when I relaunch the game.  I saw an earlier post about this from 6 months ago but never saw a resolution.  Please advise.
Dragon Dreamer
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Bob P., I do apologize for the delay. I have passed this information along to our devs again. We hope to have an answer for you soon.
Roll20 Team
Hi Bob, Sorry that this fell through the cracks! What is the name of the game you are seeing this problem in? Additionally, could you ensure these sheets are moved to the bottom? Thank you!
The games it occurs in are all of them.  But specifically, Pickup Oneshots, Storm Kings Thunder, Mines above Mirabar, Against the Giants and Monster Manual.
Roll20 Team
Alrighty Bob, the sheet should be cleared out of the affected games now :) Let me know if I missed any!
What caused the issue?