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New to Roll 20, LFG/Advice


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Hi all, I've been playing D&D 5e for a year or two now and am looking for more chances to play. I'm ideally after a weekday campaign running weekly or bi-weekly that would start around 6-7pm GMT. (Wednesdays would be best but beggars/choosers and all that) Is anyone starting a campaign that may fit this or have space in one? I have looked at the boards but there are so many games, I'm entirely new to the online D&D thing so any advice on how to go about finding/getting into the right game would also be appreciated. I'm 27, work flexible hours so should be able to make it to pretty much every game. I have a good head for the game mechanics and story building/role playing and will respect any DM that is willing to run a campaign. I love long term games and role play so would be very happy to commit to a 1-20 large spanning style campaign.  I am not wealthy so sadly any P2P is out.  Thanks! Edit: voice chat etc is all fine from my end
Hi Hass, The short version is it usually takes some time.  You're going to have to go through the games in the game finder and apply to the ones that interest you.  Keep in mind if you click on the Advanced Options link you can also specify what days you're open to play as well as approximate start time.  This will help narrow the number of games down to a manageable number.  If you decide to apply for a game, make sure to read and follow any instructions given in the game listing.  GMs tend to weed out players who can't be bothered to pay attention. Also keep an eye on this forum.  Lots of 5E games get posted here.  Again, just pay attention to any instructions when applying.  Keep in mind games often see a lot of applicants so don't get discouraged if you don't get selected right away.  Just keep trying.
Thank you!  I will bear everything you said in mind when applying.
Other than the excellent advice from Jesse R. above, I would check the looking for group tool and this forum at least once a day for games that fit your schedule and interest you.  When you see one you like, apply as soon as you can.  I'd also add that I think there's a kind of matching mechanism that goes on between prospective players and the GM.  Look for games where it sounds like the GM is looking for players similar to you in tastes and preferences.  Be sure in the application to be honest about what you like to see in a game, what you like in a GM, and what you like to see in your  fellow players.  Also, try to make your application as readable and as possible (no long walls of text, spelling errors, etc.).
Thank you Jerry, also very good advice cheers