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Exhaustion ...


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I have searched through the forums and have not been able to find a topic that asks this question. So here it goes (I apologize if this is in fact a double post.) I have many different API Scripts and Macros in my game. I have some that change information on the character sheet based on what my players do. Such as the Ammo Tracker, Spell Slot Tracker, Death Save Tracker, and so on. My question is, is there an API or a Macro that would allow me to simply push a button, select the level of exhaustion, then update that information on the character sheet for the selected token, and put the information in the chat, as it does with the StatusInfo API. I do use the TokenMod, StatusInfo, and 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion APIs (just to name a few). I also have a few different Macos I use as well. One for calculating XP, one for adding lighting to the token (for advanced lighting), one for Initiative, and others. Thank you for any response I get on this.
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You could use ChatSetAttr to update the attribute on the character sheet. It can print the information in chat but its a simple readout, something like "attribute name now has the value x". 
So I would type that up ... !ChatSetAttr Exhaustion 1?
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The script has extensive help, it's been a while since i used it but I'd expect it to be something more like !setattr --sel --Exhaustion|1 but check the help first.
It didn't work. Check the help for what script? TokenMod, or StatusInfo?
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I got it. I saw what GiGi was saying. I just added them into the StatusInfo Script. Thank you for your assistance.
Hi Cruise, as you're sorted out now I'll be closing this thread.