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SWRPG - Roll Listener Help


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So, Obviously most scripts here are for DnD but there are a select few that really helps out SWRPG like the Destiny Tracker and Dice Roller... I'm trying to make it so that on an attack roll with "Blaster" in the weapon name, a blaster shot is heard, but i'm unable to make it happen. the CRL config looks like this right now. ______________________________________ This Roll Listener will look for this text: Blaster In these templates: No Template Filtering With these roll results: No Roll Result Filtering And will execute these commands: You shot good job ________________ And it says "You shot good job" -as a test of course-  It even says this with Blaster Carbines and Holdout Blasters. -Huzzah!- So then I replaced "No Roll Result Filtering" with "Success" so that when a success is rolled I would hear the shot. -or at least it would say "You shot Good Job"- suddenly CRL doesn't say anything... If anyone knows how the "result filtering" would work with the SWRPG dice roller, Please let me know.

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Scott C.
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Hi Robert, Glad you're getting some use out of CRL. Your issue is that you haven't specified a context for the roll where you want to check for success or not. The script needs to be given a pattern to look for a roll in. This can be as simple as just a roll (denoted by ## in the script), or can be as complicated as you want to make it. See the CRL help documentation for how to add this to your roll listener. EDIT: Briefly you would click on the API command button that reads Blaster to bring up the change text pattern prompt and enter something like the below (the input reads "Blaster && ##"): This will tell the script to look for a chat message that contains the word Blaster and at least one roll somewhere in it. It will then check all rolls that it finds matching the pattern in the message against your roll result filtering setting. Note that if you are not using roll templates multiline "messages" are read as individual messages for each line of input. Edit 2: Also, I'm not sure how the SWRPG dice roller works, but if it is an API generated message, you may have issues. Additionally, if the dice roller doesn't generate an actual die roll, CRL will not be able to test the roll for success/failure.
Thank you so much for this reply Scott, I do believe it is an API generated message because it rolls with dice images. (not sure how it does this but the dice of star wars RPG are images not numbers.) I'll try to dig into the script and see if there is a number generated to see if it works together that way, if not i guess i'm out of luck here XD