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[Starfinder (Simple)] Updates?

Hello everyone. It has been a long while since I touched this character sheet, but after joining a group and seeing it still in use I got to wondering... Is this sheet still desired? If so, are there any "simple" updates being sought by those players that use it? (One was asked for, nine months ago, and has been added to the tracker below) Here is the opening tracker from my old post about this sheet. I see there are still a few things on there that I never got to. Planned Upgrades:  The following upgrades are currently planned or in progress: Automatic calculation of encumbrance (requires sheet worker?)  Provide roll buttons for Starship Sheet tab, include code to select named character skills. Addition of Disease/Poison tracker Add a Skill Notes block with reference by the roll template Bug Fixes:  The following bug fixes are being addressed: ' next bug here ' Desired Upgrades:  Upgrades that would be desired but have not been planned for inclusion will be listed here. Include an "Operative" option for attack type in repeating weapon dialogue Include Solarion features on sheet Import functionality -  Looking for volunteers Thank you for any discussion on this topic. All comments and suggestions will be carefully considered.
Yes! I like this sheet! Something that i would like added is temp hp max. I want to be able to use it for force shields, but having it not have its static max value sucks. 
Drixtol That's a can do! I looked at the sheet and noticed that I carried over the Non-Lethal Damage tracker from the Simple Pathfinder sheet, but non-lethal damage is handled differently in Starfinder (ie. subtracted directly from Stamina and Hit Points.) It will be a simple fix to change the tracker to Max Temp HP. Thank you very much for the suggestion and I am sure the rest of the players using force fields will enjoy the change as well.
Updates are progressing. I have done a massive overhaul on the Starship tab and would love some feedback. You can see the changes at my WIP table (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>). Feedback can be left here, on the table forums, via direct message, or you can find me on discord at Acyd69#8866. Thank you for your help.