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Dungeons and Dragons homebrew game seeking one replacement player. Saturdays 5pst-9pst


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Greetings, and Welcome to The village of Yonderdell, set in the country of Liasia on the planet Taraborn. I am inviting ONE replacement player to explore my new world. Players will start in the city of Mont, a beautiful town as a base of operations for the parties adventures. Taking on contracts form the Bailiff, citizens and the Merchants guild, players are investigating a mine full of danger as part as one of these contracts. I need to replace a player who due to real life schedule changes and difficulties has not been able to maintain the required attendance. I am looking for an experienced player, and someone who is a strong role player.  I have put in hundreds of hours of planning and creation time into this world and am still fleshing it out (work is never done) Taraborn is a land where the dieties can and will walk the earth or make appearances if they please. Weapons and armor of decent quality are far more expensive than normal, while everything else is much less expensive. Magical items are rare, and far in between (party has found none so far, except for a handful of potions). Magic users are uncommon, but not rare in the larger cities. Priestly magic is far more common, as religion has a direct impact on citizens daily lives. Minotaur pirates roam the seas, dark things stir in the hills and mountains, and bad things happen to good people. This is where you come in. Campaign Information Time and Day: Saturdays at 5pst till 9+pst. Sometimes we end 30 minutes or an hour after 9. It all depends on what's going on. Player will start at Level four All core books are allowed for class and racial selection, as well as a few extra races with information provided in game.  If you decide to make a monstrous character, the world will treat you like a monster. No edgelords or disruptive players.  Combat/roleplay/exploration percentages are decided primarily by players choices. This is an open world game, you decide how you want to play. That said, there will be combat. We have had sessions that are only roleplay, and we have had sessions that are only exploration and combat.  Leveling is done via experience points. Points can and will be awarded for RP if the night is more RP intensive. I use the point buy with 27 points for character creation. There are homebrew rules!  Here are a few, and there are more in the information for the game 1. The lucky feat is not allowed 2. Weapons. Village forged weapons are -1 to hit and damage, but are far cheaper. Metal armor is -1 ac. Castle forged (found in larger down and cities with weaponsmiths and armorsmiths)are normal in stats. Master Crafted are +1 non magical, and only found in the largest cities by the most talented craftspeople. 3. Coin. 20 copper hobs = 1 silver moon. 10 moons = one gold lion. 5 gold lions = one platinum dragon. Electrum is found in other countries, or in ancient Crypts and is worth five silver moons in cities, but is not found commonly in circulation. 4. Players start with one extra feat from a list I provide to choose from. 5. If you die there are severe consequences. Revivify counts as CPR in my eyes, and has no negatives. Longer than that, and players will receive a permanent -1 penalty to their constitution from the shock and stress to the body. 6. Drinking a potion is a bonus action. Feeding a potion to someone is a full action. 7. FOr level up hit points, players roll the dice. If below the average, players may take the average.  8.Surprise rounds are a thing. 9.Spears do 1d8 damage one handed, 1d10 two handed. Sling stones do 1d4 damage, bullets do 1d6. 10. Players start with 10 items they pick from a list I provide, plus a small amount of coin. 11. Training. Players will recieve full hps once they get enough experience to level. However, any new skills/abilities/feats/specializations need to be TRAINED. This costs money, and time. (Downtime fun!) Players automatically get 1. hps. 2. proficiency increases. 3. increased spell slots on levels they could already cast. The exception to this are powers directly granted by a diety, spirit or patron.  Rules subject to change or addition, for pleasure of group or dm.  Player Requirements 21+ or older please. There will be adult content and situations within this game. Consider this a hard R rating. Must be able to attend at least 80% of the sessions. If two players are missing, the game will be cancelled. This is something that I wish to avoid. I have and will replace players who miss too much. Players must be mature. If I say something happens, and you disagree, shoot me a tell after the game to discuss it. In the middle of a session where I am balancing 300 things is not the proper time to have a debate. Players must be able to play well with others. If there is conflict between players, It disrupts the game. No edgelords. No disruptive players. The group needs to work as a team. Be ready to play. In this I mean know your character, learn the spells you can cast and know what they can do. When it's your turn in combat, you should already have been deciding what you are going to do while the other players had their turn. Waiting five minutes while you hem and haw ruins the immersion. Leave your bad mood behind! We are all here to have fun. RL stuff is always a drag, but thats why we play dnd! Players must have discord and a working computer. Applicants 1. Can you make 80%+ of all of the meetings?  2. This campaign is rated R, with adult situations. Can you handle that? 3. What class/race do you wish to play?  4. How old are you  5. Have you played dungeons and dragons before. 6. Have you played this edition? 7. Do you know how to use roll20  8 Do you have discord, and a working microphone that you can use to hear and speak through? 9. Anything Else i should know? Current players are a ranger, a druid, a bard and a wizard.
Just for anyone who is interested in joining, I Play the wizard in this game and it is honestly a lot of fun, good dynamic in the group and GM and we all have a good laugh while playing. Its a very friendly group of people :)
Definitely a fun bunch of weirdos. 5/7 perfect score. Pretty inappropriate, usually hilarious. I've been in the group with the DM and two of the other players for over a year now, and I'd make them soccer mom snacks if they were closer.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dunno about that goblin though... (I kid, Wogul!)