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Through the Breach

Hello. I am looking for players that would like to try TTB from Wyrd Games. It is tabletop rpg from their Malifaux world. Quite different character creation and operations by itself. (Since we are using cards for it). But I can teach you all you need to know. If there are interested players or parties. Reply here and we will discuss more.
Hi! I just read the overview of the game on their site,&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> The elements of destiny and organic character growth sound interesting, you've certainly got my interest.
Hello, I am looking for at least 2 or 3 players, but if push come to shove I can make something for single player.
At least 3 players would be nice. Do you have any particular availability? Presently I can do anything but Wed/Sat evenings EST.
Well I would be looking around Sunday or Friday time. I am GMT+1 but since i work from home my time table is pretty much open at any point.
I took a quick glance at the link that TED posted and I gotta say it sounds pretty weird and chaotic.. so I'm definitely interested! The times you mentioned would be perfect for me as I'm free on both days and also in the GMT+1 zone. I'll just assume you don't mind inexperienced players, right? Is there anything you'd like to know about the players/applicants beforehand?
Inexperienced players are fine. And honestly? All I expect is some will to enjoy the game an have fun. :)
Haha, that much I can do at least. ;)
Well with you two I can start preparing game(Give me weekend). We can make characters while we wait. Someone might join sooner or later.
Do you want to use roll20 as the main platform for communication, or do you prefer something else like discord? Would be nice to sit down together and work out characters and story premise as a group so everything meshes and we're all on the same page.
I will host discord today and send you both an invite. In few hours.
Hey I'd like to be a part of this as well :)